Charlotte’s Diverse Building Projects Offer a Variety of Benefits to Growing Community


One of the many ways to immigrate to the United States is to use the EB-5 program. The EB-5 visa program is a way for immigrants with some money and an idea to invest inside of the United States. 

They need to make an investment inside of a new US business or expand an older business. The investment either needs to be $1.8 million dollars for a business that is not in a targeted employment area, or $900,000 if investing in a targeted employment area. 

As long as you can prove that the area you are investing in meets the requirements, then you will be investing a lower sum of money. Once you have created or invested the required money into the business, then you need to create 10 full time jobs for U.S citizens, and you also need to be working within the company as well.

However, you can also invest in an EB-5 regional center. These places offer an established infrastructure to secure funding for larger products, and can also allow for indirect U.S jobs to be created for the business and to be counted towards the 10 job total requirement. 

One of these EB-5 regional centers is in North Carolina and is also affecting Charlotte, North Carolina as well. The various investments from the EB-5 investors are offering a lot of benefits for the growing community as well. Here are some of the reasons why so many investors are choosing to invest their money in Charlotte.

Why Is Charlotte So Important?

Charlotte is the biggest city in North Carolina, and it is also the regional center for entertainment, industry, finance, and technology as well. It is also a part of the research triangle of cities that has its other points at Durham and Chapel Hill as well. So there’s a lot there for immigrants to invest in, and a lot of benefits as well.

Some of these benefits include getting a quick permanent residency for your family as well as green cards for everyone involved. Additionally, you might be able to get Medicare and other social programs, and after five years you can apply for citizenship.

Additionally, you can also live anywhere within the U.S with your EB-5 Visa as long as you meet the requirements, and can even travel around the world with certain restrictions. Charlotte has a large GDP, and the technology sector and STEM research has really been growing. There are a lot of lucrative fields that you can invest in for your EB-5, and there are a lot of opportunities for you.

Charlotte Has TEA’s

Targeted employment areas (TEA’s) are areas that need investment. A targeted employment area is a rural or nonrural area that is experiencing unemployment higher than at least 150% of the national rate. Making an EB-5 investment in these areas costs $900,000 when compared to the 1.8 million in non TEA areas.

The benefits of investing in TEAs are much bigger than just the cash deduction. You will be providing a lot of benefits to Charlotte and will find your business welcomed in the area. 

Additionally, it is much easier to prove that your business is going to be inside of a TEA area, which means that your business can get started faster. 

Charlotte has Successful EB-5 Investments All Over

Some of the biggest attractions in Charlotte have been built by the EB-5 program. These include the Winston Salem VA medical campus, the Sycamore at Tyvola, and the Mayton Inn. 

All were built using EB-5 funds and using the dreams and desires of immigrants who invested in the project. All of these places are offering extreme benefits to the local community, and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

If you want to make an EB-5 investment, then you could do a lot worse than make your investment in North Carolina. Make sure to do your research and figure out how you can take advantage of what Charlotte can do for you, and then get started with making your investments and get started with growing your business in the US!