The Charlotte School of Law Is Out Of Business – Effective Immediately


charlotte_school_of_lawAccording to a mass E-mail sent by the Charlotte School of Law’s Alumni Association to all former students, the school has just shut down for good.

The email noted that the Alumni Association had received a message from Interim Dean Paul Meggett stating that the American Bar Association had officially denied the law school’s Teach-Out Plan and that the North Carolina Board of Governors refused to extend the law school’s license to operate. Those two blows, combined with last December’s government funding cuts, means the school no longer has a Bar license, business license, or any money to contiue opperations.

“I am deeply saddened and profoundly frustrated by this news. I was very hopeful that our law school would be able to regain the confidence of the ABA, the BOG, its students and its alumni,” commented Lee Robertson, the president of the Charlotte School of Law Alumni Association.

As of 6pm this evening, the website has officially been taken down;


Current students are now forced with choosing between trying to transfer to another law school in another city (with a new semester only 2 weeks away), or lose all of the credit hours they have earned.