Charlotte Resident Bought A Boat And Drove To Houston To Rescue Flood Victims (Videos)


After watching all the devastation from Hurricane Harvey online and on TV, Charlotte’s own John Gallagher decided to risk everything to travel into the heart of the storm to help.

John started his journey by buying a brand new boat from Bass Pro Shops, when he told them he was going to use it to rescue flood victims, they gave him a 40% discount;

One his way down to Houston, he loaded up with supplies with the help of dozens of generous people along the way;

Here’s one of John’s first rescues in the Houston area;


Once his boat fills up, he has to drop everyone off at a shelter before returning to rescue more people;


John said that due to the overwhelming number of boats, the military is now turning away people traveling to the flooded areas with new boats. He also mentioned there is a significant need for volunteers at the rescue shelters, and for “bless bags” with all the essentials a flood victim might need:

If you’d like to come down to help, please download the FEMA app and drive to one of the blue dots where you can volunteer at one of the shelters.

You can follow John’s continued rescue efforts in the Houston area on his Facebook profile here!

If you’d like to financially support John’s rescue efforts, you donate on his GoFundMe page here.

Please help spread the word!