Charlotte Ranked As The 15th Most Physically Active City in America by CDC


Charlotte was just listed as a top physically active city by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the new report, Charlotte was ranked #14 overall, just ahead of Long Beach, CA (#15), and just behind Oakland, CA (#13).

In the report, Charlotte was found to have the following stats:

  • Share of adults who are physically active: 76.8%
  • Share of adults who are obese: 29.5%
  • Share of adults with high cholesterol: 29.2%
  • Share of adults with diabetes: 10.7%
  • Share of adults with depression: 20.8%

If you want to join in on Charlotte’s active community, you can check out the upcoming Truist Training Tour training run/walk on Saturday, June 11 at Common Market South End.

You can also check out the upcoming ‘Around the Crown 10K’ on September 5th, which will shut down 277 and is now considered to become the largest race in North Carolina.