Charlotte Pastors and City Leaders Organizing A Massive Mt Island Lake Cleanup


A group of local pastors, non-profits, and city leaders are now organizing a massive cleanup effort for the devastated communities around Mountain Island Lake.

Last week, after several days of heavy rainfall, Lake Norman opened their flood gates and rose the water level of Mountain Island Lake to historic heights. Hundreds of buildings, yards, and cars were submerged for at least 12 hours. Some of the hardest hit homes saw over 6 feet of water fill their first floors, wreaking havoc on their floors, walls, and most of their possessions.

Jack Homesley, the senior pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, posted the request for help to the ‘For Charlotte’ Facebook page and website, saying, “This Saturday, June 22nd, a service day has been organized by the Department of Emergency Management to help families impacted by the flooding”.

The event on For Charlotte’s website details what is needed and what local volunteers can expect this weekend;

The need in the short term is manpower to assist with moving items out of residences and clean-up.
Date: Saturday, June 22
Parking Location: Calvary Baptist Church, 10301 Harwood Ln, Charlotte, NC (shuttles will be provided to check-in site)

Start time: 9 a.m.
End time: By 5 p.m.
Duration: Shuttles will be running all day for those who need to come late or leave early.
Point of contact: Jeremy Bumgarner (980-214-7195)
What to wear: Due to the conditions on-scene, pants and long sleeves are recommended.
What to expect: Basic personal protection equipment will be provided upon checking in at the command post located at 1400 Lake Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216.

Please help spread the word!