Charlotte Morning Anchor Totally Loses It After Co-Host Belches Live On-Air


On Saturday morning, two Charlotte morning anchors completely lost it after one of them let out an unexpected burp.

WBTV anchor Ben Williamson and co-anchor Lyndsay Tapases were returning from a commercial break when the unexpected gas came up.

“There it went. I knew that was gonna happen, I ate the cobbler. I was feeling it. I was trying to hold it in and that just happened on TV.” Williamson commented.

Tapases then lets out several minutes of uncontrollable laughter, trying her best to regain composure to read the weather;

“I’m surprised that’s never happened to you before with as much food as we eat on this show,” Tapases sarcastically said.

“You’re embarrassing me. Excuse me…Excuse me,” Williamson replied.

Gotta love live TV!



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