The Charlotte Knights Are About To Change Their Name To The Charlotte Caballeros


The Charlotte Knights are about to honor the Latin community in Charlotte by replacing their jerseys, merchandise, and social media accounts with a new name.

From August 18th to August 20th, the ‘Charlotte Knights’ will officially become the ‘Charlotte Caballeros’ (the Spanish word for ‘gentleman’ or ‘horseman’). The temporary promotion was developed in a partnership between the Knights, The Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte and the Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Charlotte.

“We’re extremely excited to have ‘Los Caballeros’ in Charlotte,” Rocio Gonzalez, executive director of the LACCC, said. “It means a lot to us when such a wonderful team does pay attention to the Latino community and sees them as part of their family. Baseball is a very sought-after sport by the Latino community and we want them to see how easy and accessible the stadium is.”

The Knights will also add a Spanish flair to their games and stadium, introducing special concession items, changing public announcements to Spanish, and hosting a pre-game festival with live music and food the weekend of August 18th.

What do you think about their new promotion?