Charlotte Gun Sales Spike Amidst Political Uncertainty and Recent Violence


the-range-at-lake-normanOver the past month, Charlotte witnessed some of the worst rioting in the city’s history, and South Carolina saw yet another school shooting. With perceived threats of violence at all-time highs (largely due to the media), and citizens worried about possible new regulations and restrictions, gun sales are now at an all time high.

We spoke with Brian Sisson, the owner of The Range at Lake Norman and The Range at Ballantyne to find out what trends he is noticing.

“We’ve seen a 38% increase in concealed carry class sign-ups as well as a 21% percent increase in Gun Sales over the past 6 months alone.” He likes to talk to new customers to find out why they want more training and new tools – this year, he’s noticed Charlotte residents are looking for an increased level of self defense. “Protection is the main factor for most people”.

The trainers at The Range have a much more hands-on approach when compared to other gun ranges. “We concentrate on the new shooter. We teach them how to shoot a firearm, but we go much farther. We teach them how to own, store, carry, and use that firearm if confronted with a threat or in a self-defense situation. We value new shooters to the shooting sports, to ensure they learn proper rules and techniques.”

Both The Range at Lake Norman and The Range at Ballantyne are currently offering their concealed carry class for $150, which also includes a 30 day range membership after taking the class.

If you’re interested in finding out more, signing up for classes, or scheduling some range time, you can visit and