Charlotte Douglas Changes Flight Patterns And Which Neighborhoods Hear More Noise


As the Charlotte Douglas Airport continues to grow, and the number of flights continues to increase, changes are being made to standard flight patterns, affecting which neighborhoods around Charlotte hear the most airplane noise.

Reddit user Nexusheli, who works at the airport, just posted a before 2017 and after 2017 flight pattern chart, which shows where many of the changes are being made;

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also recently released a national transportation noise map that shows exactly how much noise people are exposed to from airports and highways around the country.

Here is what the traffic noise around Charlotte looks like:


According to the map, those under the yellow sections can experience noise reaching 60 decibels, which they say is equal to “conversational speech”, and those under the dark orange and red sections may experience sounds upwards of 80 decibels, which they say would be equal to a garbage disposal.

Charlotte’s main airport is now America’s fifth busiest airport based on takeoffs and landings, currently with over 700 daily flights.

Do you hear any airplane noise where you live? How loud do you think it is?



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