Charlotte Companies Have a New Out-of-Town Venue for Corporate Events


Charlotte is the 9th Fastest-Growing Large City in America based on its economic growth and the significant decrease in the unemployment rate. It is home to Fortune 100 companies, promising startups and national companies seeking a new location.

To boost revenue and effectively market their products and services, companies are continuously seeking new marketing methods. 93% of CEOs believe that in-person meetings and events yield a good return on investment.

When planning for corporate events, planners are always on the lookout for great venues. Out-of-town locations are becoming a viable option for those aiming for a unique experience. Charlotte companies can check out for an excellent site just four hours away via plane.  

The Venue

The Fremont Foundry, a versatile event venue, is located in the heart of the hip and artsy Fremont neighborhood. The building that houses the Foundry plays a significant role in Seattle’s art scene focusing on counterculture and promotion of the eclectic artist community.

Charlotte startups, Fortune 100 companies and small businesses can host their corporate events, company wellness retreats, wellness challenges, charity events and workshops among others on this Seattle location. The venue did a fantastic job preserving the origins of a working foundry, with a central atrium that showcases a sky-lit cement wall and a ceiling with exposed steel beams. A naturally lit studio can host workshops and product launches. To keep planning stress-free, Landmark Event also provides a state- of- the- art sound system and a full-service catering kitchen.

The penthouse bathed in sunlight and the rooftop terrace offers an astonishing view of the Seattle skyline.  For warmer months, companies can hold their events on the charming courtyard that features gravel paths, wood decking and elegant canopy lights for night parties.


The Foundry boasts 11,000 square feet of outdoor and indoor space that includes both floors. The exceptional floor area and generous inventory of furniture allows an unlimited potential for décor, entertainment and other event ideas. For digital presentations, the venue can provide access to award-winning audio-visual and lighting equipment. The place is also known for its exceptional client service, making your out-of-town event not only memorable but worry-free as well.


For businesses who aim to launch their new brands as a means for national expansion, bringing it out to other States can attract more clients. Real estate, service-oriented and tech companies can benefit from staging events that utilize unique locations and creative presentations. In the highly competitive corporate landscape, the key to staying on top of the game is individuality and maintaining excellent client relationships.

For corporations that want to provide their employees with a new experience, going out-of-town is the way to go. Taking corporate meetings to a beautiful and exciting venue will give team members a refreshing environment that fosters creativity and productivity. 

Fun and interactive activities can renew employee vigor and commitment to their work and will promote stronger co-working relationships. 

Corporate parties and conventions strengthen the community that supports the company. There is power in seeing other people with the same interests interact in a common area. Gathering people in person encourages active engagement and drums up support for the brand.

To stay relevant in the market, Charlotte companies need to invest in worthwhile events that will benefit their clients and employees. Housing these events in a unique and uplifting venue will ensure success and ROI.