Charlotte City Council Votes To Approve Controversial Noise Ordinance Amendment


Yesterday afternoon, several hundred protestors (most from a group called ‘Love Life Charlotte‘) gathered in opposition of an amendment to Charlotte’s noise ordinance. Despite the protests, signs, and speeches, the city council decided to pass it.

The amendment adds 150-foot ‘noise buffers’ around all schools, houses of worship, or medical facilities (including abortion clinics) during open hours.

The following is a video from last night’s city council meeting, with the discussion about the amendment starting at about 1:04:00 into the video;

The new revisions specificaly restricts any “amplified sound” that may disturb activity within a school, house of worship, or medical building.

The effort to amend the noise ordinance comes after years of controversy over prayer walks that frequently occur outside of ‘A Preferred Women’s Health Center of Charlotte’ on Latrobe Dr. (Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic).

Supporters of the new amendment say that patients to the center were being harassed by protestors, while opponents of the changes say their free speech will be restricted.

What are your thoughts on the new noise ordinance amendment? 




  1. How about some kind of noise ordinance for cars (mufflers, exhaust, music) and motorcycles along South Blvd? It’s RIDICULOUS how loud they are driving, well RACING up and down South Blvd at all hours!! There are countless blocks of apartment communities along S. Blvd and it is getting beyond ridiculous. The firetruck sirens are bad enough, but those are at least a necessity. The rest is not. We live on South Blvd across from the new Harris Teeter and have to constantly hit pause when we are watching something because of the racket. Or being woken up in the middle of the night…every night! Where is the police presence?