Charlotte Area’s Top Male Groomer Offers Tips For No Shave November


patrick-oneil-beard-washLocal Cornelius resident Patrick O. Anderson has spent most of his life in male grooming, he started as a barber, then a barber instructor, barber shop owner, and even became the CEO of the Prestige Barber Styling Institute.

In 2007, he launched his own line of grooming products designed specifically for the active man.

Men that demand the very best for their daily skincare, hair care, beard grooming, and daily shaving regimens will look no further. Nothing complicated, nothing cosmetic — just real solutions that provide immediate visible results. Patrick Oneil Grooming Products entail formulas that are straightforward, with multi-functional benefits and results in a single product, making them the best of the best.

I recently spoke with him about this month’s No Shave November phenomena, and if he had any advice for new beard growers in the Charlotte area.

patrickoneilgroomingHe told us that there are 2 distinct stages, and what to do for each:

Phase I: | 0-2 Weeks

During this phase, your beard will itch and become patchy and/or disheveled. You will need to be strong and fight the urge to reach for the razor – your skin will eventually adjust.

Solution: Wash your stache and beard with Patrick Oneil Face and Beard Wash, a gentle wash free of sulfates. Follow the washing process with Patrick Oneil Beard Oil to lessen the itch and to moisturize skin and hair.

Phase 2: | 3 Weeks – 1 Month

For those of you participating in NSN, you should be at the stage where you are noticing a fair amount of your beard has grown in, which will tell you how your hair naturally grows, and what shape your beard can take. Avoid trimming until this one-month marker.

Your beard may look slightly shaggy, so if you do begin trimming, use scissors rather than a trimmer for more control over how much you take off. A mistake a lot of guys make at this stage is taking too much off and then shaving the beard off altogether. Trim the mustache, neckline, and upper cheeks.

Solution: Rinse your beard every day or use our beard wash which is gentle enough to use daily. Follow with beard oil. Since it’ll be dry and cool outside, we suggest sealing in the moisture with Patrick Oneil Soother. This will prevent the skin underneath your whiskers from getting chapped.

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