Casino myths: what not to believe


Are you interested in gambling at a casino but are a bit nervous because of all the different myths you have heard about them? Do you think that some of the myths you hear are fake but aren’t sure which ones?

Many people still believe that casinos are seedy places where all the games are rigged and you can’t win, or that online casinos don’t actually pay out the bonuses. This couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact its possible to win at every casino game if you play smart. More than that, any of the casinos listed here all pay out the winnings made from bonuses, and each have been reviewed by 6Takarakuji. They are safe for people who enjoy gambling games with other like-minded individuals. 

Casinos offer many benefits to gamblers that may not be available at home or online casinos: free drinks, free food, and even entertainment in some cases. Casinos are full of myths and even the most intelligent gamblers can get caught up in these misconceptions. If you are new to casinos and want to know which myths to not believe, here is everything you need to know. 

There are no strategies for gambling games

Many people think that when it comes to playing games at casinos it is all about chance and luck and that you will never be able to determine when you will win or even be able to give yourself a better chance at winning. People think that it is all based on luck and nothing else. However, this is just not the case. Although it may seem like that on the surface, especially as a new comer to the gambling scene, there is actually a lot that one can learn about casino games and how to have better chances of winning. 

Most casino games, such as table games, actually require a decent amount of skill to play, and a lot of them even have various different strategies that people can learn and implement within their gameplay in order to have a more pleasant gambling experience. 

You’re due to win

When playing games at a casino, many people are under the impression if they spend a certain amount on a game or if they play a game a certain number of times, they will be due to win something. While this may seem like the case, it’s definitely not. These games, especially the slot machine is completely randomised and not based on the number of plays you make.

These games typically make use of RNG or random number generators. This mean that there is no set rhythm to the game and you will never be able to predict when you will win something. Some people also believe that you will win much bigger amount after a certain number of smaller wins, but again, the wins can be predicted. These random number generators mean that none of the games can be ridded by either the casino or the players making is completely fair. 

Oxygen is released into casinos

This one may seem a bit out the but bear with it. A myth about casinos that some people believe is that oxygen is released into the air in the casinos. It is said that an increase in oxygen can actually give you a bit of a euphoric feeling that is almost like a high. Not quite to the extent that dugs might give, but more to the extent that it will make you want to carry on playing because you are having such a good time. 

While some people may feel like this is true because they really enjoy playing at casinos, this is just not the case. There is no reason for casinos to be releasing this kind of oxygen into the air and it would ultimately just be a big waste of money for them because they would need to purchase a lot of oxygen in order to do that. 

The dealer is controlling the roulette ball

This one is a bit more out there, but another myth about casinos is that the dealer controls the roulette ball. Now to anyone, this may sound a bit crazy, because how can you just control a ball flying around a wheel. To others though, they need to find an excuse as to why they keep on losing at roulette. It would be impossible for the dealer to have any kind of control over the roulette ball, and not to mention, unethical. Most casinos stiver to be as fair as they possibly can and this is not the way to do it.