Cam Newton Takes Low-Income Kids On Once-In-A-Lifetime Shopping Spree


This week Cam Newton could be seen all over town spreading holiday cheer to hundreds of kids. It was his third annual #SantaCam Surprise Sleigh, an event where Cam will play games, give out presents, and go shopping with local youth.

Some of the most memorable moments came from the lucky kids who were able to go on a shopping spree with the star quarterback:

»šprëâdįñg HØŁįDÅŸ ¢hëër« #iWmW -1OVE

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He donated funds to the Barringer Academic Center to help with the school’s backpack program.

…made donations to the Silver Mount Emergency Food Pantry and the Bethlehem Center, supporting low-income children.

…played a few games.

…and took dozens of kids on a once-in-a-lifetime shopping spree.


Let’s join Cam in spreading Christmas cheer around our city!

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