Benefits of Laser Marking on Metals Applied in the Automotive World


Laser marking, especially for automotive applications requires a small, powerful laser and certain special materials, which makes it more challenging than for printed materials. The laser marking machine for metal has made it possible to mark on metals like your automobiles, cars, etc. However, this does not mean it is impossible to do, and there are some remarkable benefits of doing so. By applying a laser, you can improve the quality of the surface on the vehicle or at least get rid of marks that are present in it. 

Laser engraving on metals and other objects with high luster and less color variations allows better overall appearance and better hand-feel. Laser engraving or marking helps cut costs, improve quality, and make repairs much easier than the conventional methods. While laser engraving is used mostly for parts with low gloss, there are certainly some parts, such as the valve covers, that have a high gloss level. If you decide to laser engrave parts with high gloss, it is important that you follow specific tips to get the best possible results.

Few Tips to Consider:

Some of the tips include:

  1. Do not under or over shine the parts.
  2. Move the parts close to a lamp that’s up to standard.
  3. Place the parts in an environment with a comfortable temperature.
  4. Make sure the area is dark and cool enough.
  5. Many parts require complete silence.
  6. Make sure the parts and equipment are dry.

In some cases, special facilities are needed to use laser engraving on metals. To determine if it is a good idea to use lasers on your parts, talk to your local shop owner, manufacturer, and the service provider that is responsible for your particular part. Also, ask for references to make sure you choose a shop with the best reputation and experience working with lasers.

Though it is best to use specialized equipment and tools for laser engraving on metals, you do not have to invest a great deal of money. Many shops offer lasers for many different types of parts.

Other Benefits of Laser Marking on Metals

There are many benefits of laser engraving metals. The following are some of the other benefits of laser-engraving on metals: 

  • Strength

Laser marking on metals is strong, not only for the metal, but also for the laser. As a result, the materials used are easier to handle and move than if the materials were not laser-engraved.

  • Improved Durability

With laser marking on metal, you can guarantee that the part will be the same or more durable, compared to a material that is not laser-engraved.

  • Smoothness

Laser marking on metals makes the surface look smoother than the material it was laser-engraved on.

  • Precise cutting

Even though laser-engraving on metal is a slow process, it can cut accurately, resulting in less overall damage to the part.

  • Good for vehicle owners

Using a laser improves the appearance of parts that are to be stored and used in a vehicle.

  • Difficulty in getting rid of blemishes or marks

Laser engraving on metals ensures that the object will retain its original appearance, and in many cases, it also helps to get rid of any marks on the surface of the metal.

  • Reverse polishing

Using a laser to cut engravings on metal parts also provides an advantage of reverse polishing. In reverse polishing, laser traces are placed on the part to remove scratches.

  • Enhanced durability

When using a laser to engrave on metal parts, it can make it harder for dents or other marks to appear.

  • Enhanced appearance

When using a laser engraving, there is a better chance of the product retaining its original shape and the color, with the exception of white plastic.

  • Easy maintenance

While laser-engraving on metal does require special care, it is still easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, parts can be re-engraved with a low-pressure table, saving you time and money.

Concluding Words:

It is important to mention that laser-engraving is a specialty process. It requires special equipment and precautions. Therefore, it is recommended that you obtain a quote from the shop that does this type of work before you commit to it. Whatever type of metal part you want to engrave, you can now easily do it with a laser engraver, which is a special machine that cuts patterns into metal. Smoothness and durability are usually a big advantage of laser-engraving on metals.