Belmont Bi-Lo Is Closing This Month – Most Items Are Now 30-40% Off


I just stumbled on yet another Charlotte-area Bi-Lo store closing its doors. Last week, the Belmont Bi-Lo (6507 Wilkinson Blvd) announced they would be shutting down at the end of this month.

The manager told me the store was shutting down due to the landlord negotiating a better lease for the property with Food Lion.

Last week, most items were reduced by 15%…not very exciting, but I returned yesterday to discover that almost everything is reduced by 30-40%, including;

  • all medical and health items discounted by 40%

  • all frozen products discounted by 30%

  • most general grocery items discounted by 30%

  • and best of all… 20% off bacon (one of the few items reduced by less than 30%)

This new closing comes about a year after Bi-Lo announced they would be closing 94 underperforming stores across the country as part of a limited bankruptcy filing – including 9 stores around the Charlotte region.

Have you seen any other stores going out of business around the Charlotte?