Are You Familiar With Colored Eye Contact Lenses


Self-care is an integral part of establishing confidence and self-esteem, leading to overall wellness. Investments in teeth whitening, hair stylists for coloring and cuts, and professional wardrobe consultants are all used in an effort to present the best version of oneself in every situation.

That can be a career-changing video proposal, a college interview, or an anticipated first date. Direct eye contact is the best way to make an unforgettable first impression. Some people have difficulty peering at another person while holding a conversation.

In the same context of self-care, color contexts enhance the eyes. There’s is an option of switching between colors based on your facial features and skin tone, so the eyes pop. These add that extra layer of confidence, so holding a conversation while locking eyes is manageable, albeit vision isn’t hindered either.

What are some things you should know before using the products? Let’s look at a few tips and precautions when considering color contacts as part of your routine.   

What Are Tips And Precautions When Considering Colored Eye Contact Lenses

Many people add colored eye contact lenses as one component of their self-care routine. The lenses can be purchased with a reputable, trusted resource via the web at colored contacts online, with a practicing optometrist, or with a retail provider.

Enhancing the eyes establishes a layer of security and confidence in the same vein as whitening teeth and having hair colored or cut. As is true with standard contact lenses, colored contacts are recognized in this country as medical devices that come with precautions and safety tips everyone should be aware of before use. 

Consider the following suggestions before purchasing colored eye contact lenses for personal use. Above all else, the priority is ensuring that you keep your eye optimally safe.

  • See an Eye Doctor for an Exam

The first step in obtaining lenses is to have your eyes examined by your regular eye doctor. This will ensure there are no underlying issues with your eye health, plus it provides you with a prescription. One thing to know is you can wear this with 20/20 vision. It’s still required that you have that in writing from your doctor.

In this country, despite wearing the contacts for cosmetic purposes or even merely once, these are seen as medical devices and must be fitted appropriately to avoid damaging your eyes. Pieces that are too tight or present a short curve have the potential to scratch the cornea or create irritation.

No one wants to have their vision affected. It’s worth the extra precaution of having the lenses fitted. Go here for guidance on putting in colored contacts.

  • The Prescription Will Be Used to Order Online

Reputable online websites need a valid prescription punched into their system in order to process the order with a legitimate doctor’s signature. With this, the provider will be able to supply your products. That’s a measure of safety and security for the consumer.

  • The Circle or “Anime” Lenses Are Novelties That Should Be Avoided

Anime and circle contacts are not recognized medical devices. These are viewed as novelties without regulation. The premise is that they make the eyes appear more prominent, but the problem with them is the fit is not adequate, with the eyes being “deprived of oxygen.” 

The indication is that wearers can anticipate a “two to three times more likely chance of contracting a corneal infection” when wearing the lens. If the goal is to achieve a more prominent feature that is natural for you, it’s wise to apply makeup to get the effect instead of distorting the eyeball and causing damage.

You can also speak with a trusted online lens provider or an eye doctor about potential alternatives that can give this illusion. 

  • Work With a Trusted Provider

Online platforms that don’t require a prescription from an eye doctor with a legitimate signature on the order should be avoided. This indicates that you’ve reached an unlicensed provider operating illegally and that the products are likely not healthcare approved.

Under these circumstances, you’re at a greater risk for eye injury, vision damage, and even the potential for blindness if you were to use their products. The primary issue with these sorts of brands is the lenses are not fitted for individuals. 

The contacts are essentially a “one-size-fits-all” while no two people have a similar fitting. Places not recommended for purchases of novelty lenses include:

  1. Beach markets
  2. Convenience shops
  3. Halloween stands
  4. Cosmetic or beauty stores
  5. Street vendors
  6. Thrift shops or flea markets

Most of these locations will not ask to see a doctor’s prescription with a legitimate signature making their items not approved as medical devices, nor will they come with care or caution instructions. There will also not be someone onsite who will schedule an appointment for you to come back for follow-up services.

  • A Friend Should Not Share Colored Eye Contact Lenses

A lens is fit precisely for your eye. No two people share the same prescription or the same eye shape. If a friend wants to borrow your contacts, they will likely not fit them properly. These can scratch, deplete oxygen, or cause discomfort and overall is unhealthy to swap out from one person to another.

Bacteria from you can be exchanged with your friend and vice versa resulting in eye infections leading to the possibility of vision issues. Some things are simply not meant to be shared.

  • Follow Care and Wear Instructions Thoroughly

The provider will give instructions on caring for the contacts and how to wear them properly. That includes cleaning them regularly. It’s vital to follow up with the eye doctor to ensure the fit is good and all is well with your eye health. 

You must immediately contact the doctor if you need help before the follow-up. That can include redness, swelling, or pain that doesn’t decrease in time or if vision grows dim. These issues can be related to improper use or a potential infection. The doctor can address serious concerns straight away.

Final Thought

It’s awesome to change eye color as an added layer of your self-care routine. Everyone wants to not only present an image that evokes self-confidence and positive self-esteem but to feel self-assured as well. 

Many people use hair color, wardrobe consultants, and teeth whitening. Eye enhancement is another layer, one of the most important, that allows direct eye contact when face-to-face with the important client, college professor, or new date. Holding a gaze can be intimidating, but it’s less so when you feel good in your skin – and eyes.