A Guide to Home Lighting in Charlotte


For many homeowners, designing the interior of their homes can be a fun and exciting project. At the same time, it can be an overwhelming task with many aspects to consider. One such aspect includes lighting. 

The lighting in your home can make all the difference in the general ambiance and aesthetic of your home. There’s a lot of consideration that goes into choosing the right lighting for your space. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help make this process easier. In this guide, we will be providing you with all the knowledge and information you need on home lighting.

Assessing Your Needs

What Room Do You Need Lights for?

Before you go out and purchase lights, you should determine what rooms in your household need different or upgraded lighting. As you know, each room in your house serves a different purpose, so your lighting choices should reflect that. This means that the type of fixtures, brightness of lights, and location of lighting should all differ between spaces. 

Below, you’ll find a bit of insight into what kinds of lighting works best for different household spaces:

  • Kitchen: Kitchens will need several types of lighting. There needs to be ambient (or overall) lighting that evenly distributes light throughout the space. Then install light sources directly above work spots (i.e., islands and counters) to provide task lighting.
  • Dining room: Because the dining room is not only the place where you eat but it’s a space for conversation and socializing, good overall lighting is essential.
  • Living room: Living rooms serve many purposes, so you’ll want lighting that is flexible and can easily adapt for different occasions such as social gatherings, cozy movie nights, and other activities.
  • Bathroom: The wrong lighting in a bathroom can potentially be unsafe. That’s why you want to avoid lights that cast shadows and instead invest in bright lights that provide balanced lighting.

The Natural Light in the Room

Charlotte is known for its year-round blue skies. The weather here is generally fair and mild, but the summers are especially sunny and bright. That being said, you may want to rely on your fair share of natural light or purchase lights that complement the natural light in the room. 

Unlike artificial light, natural light is full-spectrum and dynamic. The light intensity and color temperature of natural light changes as the day progresses. Natural light is hugely beneficial to us as it stabilizes our day-night rhythm as well as boosts our vitamin D balance. However, natural light emits high levels of UV and IR radiation that can be harmful. On the other hand, the small amount of UV and IR radiation emitted from artificial lights does not have any effects on our health and there are no harmful risks from overexposure. So, while natural light can be good for us, there still needs to be an appropriate balance between artificial and natural light.


The national average cost for lighting and lighting installation is $150-$225. Of course, how much you pay depends on the type and number of fixtures you want to install, and where you want to install them. Luckily here in Charlotte, we have a lot of hubs for the furniture market. There are a lot of good deals when it comes to buying lighting fixtures. By shopping locally, you can get more bang for your buck.

Fixture Types

Type of Fixtures

There is a wide array of fixtures to consider, so it is important to dive deep into the following styles to make an educated decision:


Chandeliers are known for their elegance. Not only do they provide great ambient light but they also function as beautiful accent pieces.

Table Lamp

The great thing about table lamps is their portability as they can be placed anywhere near an electrical outlet. Their flared shades tend to spread light outward, so they can be best used next to a seating area. They are specifically designed to shield your eyes when you sit next to them.


Sconces are wall-mounted light fixtures that are not only popular as accents but provide excellent task lighting. 

Track Lights

Track lights are sleek and sophisticated fixtures that excel in versatility. They can be angled to illuminate whatever you need, and they are a good fit for rooms with high ceilings that need a lot of ambient lighting.

Flush Mounts

Flush mount lighting sits directly against the ceiling and shines light downward. They are ideal for small rooms with shorter ceilings or even task lighting in larger rooms.


Recessed light fixtures are installed directly into the ceiling. They are commonly used as accent lighting but can be used as the main source of light depending on the bulb used.

Type of Lighting


A lamp that uses an incandescent bulb generates light when an electric current heats a tungsten filament wire so that it glows. These lamps can, also, be categorized as either conventional or halogen. 


Fluorescent lamps generate light when an electric arc excites the gas in the tube. Mercury in the gas emits UV radiation causing the phosphor coating of the lamp to glow. Fluorescent lights are very energy-efficient light sources available in a wide range of colors from warm, incandescent tones to icy whites that are similar to natural incandescent light.


Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) produce light when voltage is applied to negatively charged semiconductors, causing electrons to combine and create a unit of light. LED lighting is generally more efficient and longer lasting than any other light source. 

Utilizing Resources in Charlotte

Interior Design

The lighting in your home is a huge component of the overall interior design. You want to ensure you pair the right lighting fixtures with the wall color, furnishings, and other accessories. The lighting is vital in creating the right ambiance in your space. Additionally, your light fixtures not only light up the space but they can serve as accent pieces as well. 

So, determining and creating the overall lighting design can be a huge task. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by such an undertaking, you can reach out to interior design professionals right here in Charlotte. Such professionals can aid you in designing the perfect lighting for your home.

Buying Fixtures

Actually going out to buy lighting fixtures is much easier said than done. Thankfully, Charlotte already has a robust furniture industry so the search for lighting fixtures will not be laborious. Professionals and sellers here in Charlotte will be able to help you throughout the lighting selection process. 

For example, places such as Charlotte lighting stores and interior design centers are dedicated to making your experience as seamless as possible. They’ve crafted a showroom of interactive digital displays that shows their complete range of products. They have experienced lighting designers equipped to develop lighting plans for any space at any budget.

Installing Fixtures

Installing lighting may seem simple so you may want to do it yourself. However, unless you’re simply plugging a lamp into a wall, you should leave electrical jobs to the professionals. Any misstep on your part can spell out potential harm or injury. That’s why you should enlist the help of a professional to ensure your lighting is installed safely and successfully. Full-service companies sell lighting fixtures and offer installation services. Fortunately, there are many installation services available in Charlotte. You have many established professionals here to choose from that are more than equipped to install your lighting fixtures. 

Find Your Lighting Today!

As we said before, while new lighting is a simple and smart renovation idea, the light selection process can be overwhelming. Even though we’ve broken it down, there’s still a lot to consider on your part. But with the help of Charlotte experts and professionals, you can design the best lighting for your home!