A Guide to Bras: 6 Types You Should Know About


Bra shopping is classically every woman’s worst nightmare. Sadly, far too many bras aren’t fitted correctly, and women end up in pain at the end of the day from an underwire that digs in and leaves divots. There are plenty of memes out there circulating ther internet that talk about that exhale feeling at the end of a long day after you take a bra off, but the thing is at the end of the day bras are never supposed to be that uncomfortable. When a bra fits right, the only exhale at the end of a hard day should come from simply winding down and practicing self-care, not from removing an essential article of clothing. So how do you find a bra that fits that well? With all the different body types in the world, it is imperative that you do not fall prey to the lie that all bras have to look the same. With 7 billion people in the world with different lifestyles, priorities, body shapes, and personalities, the bra industry must be prepared to cater to different options for all the diverse bodies in the world. Not all bras have to have uncomfortable underwire and metal hooks in the back. Bras should be something that feels uniquely catered to you. The first step in pursuing this is knowing the different bra types that exist on the market. By reading through this comprehensive guide to all things bras, we hope that you walk away with some fresh ideas of different bra styles to add to your closet that may be a better fit for you, your lifestyle, and most importantly, your chest. 

1. The Push-Up Bra

If you are the type of person who likes a little cleavage, then the push-up bra could be a great fit for you. Every person has different preferences on the type of shape they would prefer their chest to be. If you are someone who prefers a perkier and more held-up version of their boobs, then the push-up bra is excellent in manufacturing this look. Through angled cups and extra padding, the push-up bra classically pushes your chest inwards and upwards for extra showcasing. 

2. The Underwire Bra

The underwire bra is the classic bra shape that so many people think of when they think of the classic bra. With a thin semicircle wire material that is sewn into the bottom of the bra cup, underwire bras work to provide support and lift in a natural and flattering way. The underwire bra typically gets a bad wrap because of the ways they can be pokey or pinch, but this is only when they don’t fit correctly. Chances are if you’ve had a bad experience with an underwire bra, you were probably just wearing the wrong size for you.

3. The Bralette

That being said, it’s okay if the more structured bra options aren’t an option comfortability-wise that you’re striving for. Many women who are smaller chested may prefer a bra that is without wires or molded cups. These types of bras are called bralettes, and they are a great light support option that makes them extremely comfortable.

4. The Demi Cup Bra

The demi cup bra covers only about half of each breast and is the perfect cup style to pair with different clothing options. If your shirt or dress is low-cut or has a specific v-neck neckline, then a demi cup bra could be an excellent choice to get the bust shape you need while not letting your bra be seen in certain outfits.

5. The Sports Bra

The sports bra is a designated bra to help support your chest and reduce breast movement while you engage in physical exercise. That being said, many women find sports bras extremely comfortable and choose to wear them daily where their outfits allow. They typically have a razor back and tank-like straps, but in recent years more and more brands are releasing bras that have clasps and spaghetti straps more like a normal bra. 

6. The Wireless Bra

For those who are looking for a little more structure and shaping than the bralette is able to provide, but who want a more comfortable option than the underwire or pushup bra, look no further. Wireless bras still have a clear cup which helps in shaping up your breasts, but many still have the comfort level of something you would want to lounge around the house in. Some brands even sell wireless bras that don’t clasp in the back either and just have stretchy fabric like a sports bra would.