7 Tricks to Make Your Job Posting Pop!


Image Credit: Imagesource.io

Experts say do these 7 things to make a job post stick.

Nobody wants to find themselves without work in this economy. No matter how unforgiving the modern job market, however, there is still enough work for everyone. If you want to make your firm’s job posts pop off the page, there are a few tricks the experts use to make the impact last for as long as possible… and we stole them!

7 Tips that Experts use to Keep Job Postings in the Headlines

Let’s talk tactics. How do you make your job posting stand out in a flooded market?

1 – Use Free Job Posting Sites

Free job posting sites are the ultimate in largely untapped resources that your firm ought to be taking advantage of. They bring you free publicity in much the same way as a social media account does, so find one, research it, and start putting together an ad.

2 – Get Specific.

Using defined features and less generic descriptions should pay off. The more personal you can be, the more someone feels like your ad is speaking to them. If you want to create a job posting that stays in the top spot for more than a few hours, make sure you get specific. 

3 – Make the Most of it…

If you aren’t accenting the highlights of working for you, then you aren’t doing it right. Any and all benefits, right down to a free pizza if you stock take, should be listed. These make your job posting pop out by portraying your place as a great location to work at. Make the most of it…

4 – List Individuals

We don’t mean that you should list the names of employees, we mean that you should list skills as individual actions. This helps a reader and potential candidate to visualise the role, as well as allowing them to know for certain whether or not they can do the job.

5 – Shareability is Important.

In the modern job market, if the candidate can’t share a link to your page with their friends, you aren’t going to get as many applicants. The modern job market is a shareable one, ensure you are up to speed or get left in the digital dust.

6 – WFH

These three little letters are becoming the number 1 sales point of any role. If your employee can work from home, Covid-19 says they are much more likely to apply for your position. This is due to restrictions, employee freedom, and the evolution of the working world.

7 – Link it In

LinkedIn is one of your key social media tools to help you get ahead. Fill in a profile for yourself and your business, then pin your job posting to your timeline. This is a really easy way to boost HR visibility and get those positions filled by worthwhile candidates.

The Bonus Round

The majority of job postings are words only. Some include corporate logos, but that’s about as creative as it gets. Small animations, artwork, or even just creative wording can help to make your listing pop.

Whatever you try, being active, keeping it updated, and sharing it as much as possible, should all come together to make your jobs as visible as possible. All you need to do from then on is to keep it up to date.