68-Year-Old Paul Neal Rode His Bike From Rock Hill To California To Re-Live A Childhood Memory


Rock Hill’s very own Paul Neal just completed his cross-country bike ride at the age of 68.

This was his second 3,000 mile cycle trip in 50 years, reliving the greatest memory of his childhood. He took his first cross-country ride in 1967 when he was just 18 years old.

When he left from Rock Hill’s Holiday In on the morning of June 5th, His friends think he’s crazy, saying he picked the worst time of the year – the middle of the summer and into the westward prevailing winds.

In spite of the warnings and his age, he was determined.

Along the way he had several break-downs;

and stopped to take in many of the South East’s legendary monuments;

When he hit the California border, He relived the picture he took half a century ago;

Paul finally arrived on the West Coast at about 5:30pm last night, beating his record from 50 years ago by 2 days;

You can see more of Paul’s journey on his Facebook page here.

Way to go Paul!