6 Tips for Securing Your Home from Intruders


Home intruders are a common threat that naturally causes anxiety. This type of criminal activity strikes where you are supposed to feel most safe, your home, with consequences that make you feel incredibly vulnerable. Whether it is just you living alone or you have a family or partner to look after too, it is empowering to get to know how to secure your home against home invaders. This guide has six tips for doing just that. 

Buy a Firearm

While you would hope to never be forced to use it, a firearm is not only a strong deterrent for home invaders, it is also a safety net for protection if you ever come face to face with a distinct threat on your property. Find a firearm that you can work with, feel confident using, and understand how to keep secure. Then you can research the best type of ammunition because there are some key differences between the leading competitors that are helpful to understand, like firing pressure and weight. 

Audit and Upgrade Your Locks

Every point of entry to your house should have a lock installed. This includes all the windows, doors, and basement entrances too. Hire a professional security service to assist you with a thorough walk around the property. This will highlight all the areas lacking sufficient security and gives you a starting point for beginning an effective upgrade. For high-traffic entry points such as front doors, consider a multi-lock ensemble to boost safety further and reinforce the general security of the property. The strength of the material and the caliber of installation also help in this area. 

Video Surveillance is a Major Deterrent

If you haven’t already, consider installing a property-wide video surveillance and monitoring system. You can observe the footage yourself and be alerted to any nefarious activity going on externally, therefore giving you a heads up and a pause to take action if a home invasion is imminent. It also means your property is more secure when left absent, and that you have peace of mind knowing potential thieves will be put off entering your property knowing that they are being recorded. 

Install an Alarm System

Much like video surveillance, a good and functional alarm system will be a major helping hand in putting home invaders off their stride and alerting you and the authorities to any threats and crimes. This is a job worth outsourcing to the experts, and what you spend will depend on the size of your property and what features you want. For instance, if you just want a noise alert, this may be cheaper than a system that connects to local law enforcement. 

Consider Becoming a Dog Owner

Dog ownership is not for everyone; however, there are a few advantages to having a canine in your home, especially when it comes to stopping home invasions. The sheer volume of a dog’s bark is enough to let potential robbers know that your house is protected, and it won’t be an easy task. Dogs are naturally protective of their family and their territory so they will definitely be on your team if someone decided to unlawfully enter your property. Sometimes, hearing a noisy dog is enough to put people off. 

Be Smart

The last tip is about taking strategic moves to keep valuable possessions out of sight. A safe installation, for instance, will stop your precious metals, jewelry, and any money you have in the property from being spotted by anyone watching your property. Alongside this, try to close the curtains in the evening, and when you leave the house too. 

Home invasions are a definite violation of your right to feel safe in your space. They cause heartache and are often dangerous too. Take steps to protect your property.