6 Digital Signage Retail Benefits


Digital signage should be a big factor as you design strategies to grow your organization. Smart marketing captures the audience’s attention through captivating visuals and targeted sales. 

As a business owner, seek new methods to communicate with your current and potential customers to turn them into loyal and frequent patrons. Consumers’ shopping habits have undoubtedly changed as they have become more technologically savvy and sophisticated than ever before.

According to an online study, over 60% of customers have stated that retail digital signage has played a role in persuading them to purchase advertised products in addition to their intended purchase.

So, what are the advantages of digital signage for retail as a marketing tool? Let’s explore them!

Increase purchasing decisions

Placing a digital sign next to new arrivals can pique shoppers’ attention and impact their buying choice.

From careful research, approximately 44% of shoppers consider the influence of social media in their purchasing decision. 

You can incorporate social media feeds into your digital screen displays by using digital signs. This increases engagement while also increasing your online presence. 

Provide entertainment

According to an Urban Land Institute study, 70% of millennial women and 50% of millennial men consider shopping to be a form of entertainment. When they come across a good deal, they immediately share it with their family and friends.

Digital signage for retail fits into the “retailtainment” trend and can be used to share a wide range of content, including social media content from influencers, your online store, and content created by your customers . When you use interactive digital signage retail, you can extend your brand throughout your store.

Another advantage of using digital signage in retail stores is that you can share content that will not bore your customers. This way, you can entertain them with a variety of content. 

You can use digital signage to create excitement as you launch your product, have fun with customers through interactivity, and highlight trends that customers are interested in. 

Communicate with customers throughout your store

The use of digital signage in your retail store will assist and guide customers throughout your store. Digital signs function as a sizable guiding light and wayfinding solution. This gives customers confidence as they shop in your store and make a purchase.

Retail digital signage can be used to inform customers about new arrivals, best sellers, and promotions. You can show them around your store so they can find the fitting rooms, restrooms, cashiers, and other areas. 

The best part is that the content on the digital signage can be quickly updated and displayed in real-time. All of this contributes to your store’s increased sales and revenue.

Increase digital presence

The majority of retail brands focus on increasing their online digital presence. However, simply having a website and ignoring your in-store digital presence is insufficient. 

Your online and physical stores both deserve a strong presence and a retail digital sign is the most effective way to supplement your online presence. 

Digital signs can show and share everything online and on your social media sites with your in-store customers. 

You can use content from your social media because a digital screen can display a variety of content. As a result, your physical store will not lag behind your online presence.

Drive traffic 

Videos, animated graphics, and content played in loops are more likely to capture your audience’s attention. Digital Signage uses TV screens, which can vary in size and dimensions. Such environments can drive traffic and allow you to engage with customers. 

The capacity of digital signage to capture attention and bring customers to your store is a crucial benefit. Since retail is such a fast-growing and competitive industry, it pays to get started as soon as possible to drive traffic to your store and beat the competition.

Improve internal communications

Only a few of your employees are likely to read your most recent announcements, whether they are about your new safety manual, a revised policy, or any other critical communication material. 

Furthermore, not everyone reads a printed note or an email. Most of the time, critical information is overlooked and ignored.

One critical function of a digital sign is how it can improve communication with your employees. You can use retail digital signage to share information in employee break rooms, pantries, and storage areas, among others. 

When you use multiple reference points and repeat information, there is a much better chance that your team will absorb, retain, and understand your message. 

Not only that, but they would prefer to watch a short video reminder rather than reading printed material pinned to notice boards. 


Retail digital signage provides a shopping experience by connecting online and mobile marketing to in-store physical experiences. Are you ready to boost your company’s sales and growth? Start using retail digital signage in your store to build an omni channel experience. Increase ROI while dramatically improving your customer outreach.