5 Reasons You Should Practice Self Defense


There’s no better feeling than knowing you can take care of yourself and your loved ones in any situation. This is why practicing self-defense is so necessary. But that’s not the only reason for giving self-defense a try. 

As well as being prepared for an unprecedented event, there is also a myriad of fitness benefits that come with taking part in self-defense programs. There are physical, mental, and emotional benefits you’ll gain from your training. 

Want to live a healthier, happier, and more street-wise life? Consider these benefits available from self-defense training. 

1. Build Confidence

Many people don’t trust and are insecure in their abilities to protect themselves, whether that be due to past experiences or a general lack of confidence. But when you know you have the means to defend yourself, you can focus more on enjoying life and less on looking around corners. 

When you first begin training, you may not immediately feel this confidence. If you want to see immediate effects, consider self-defense products like those from U-Guard. That way, you’ll be fully equipped to react to any situation that comes your way, even when you’re just starting. 

The more your skills improve, the more confidence you’ll find in yourself. If you often find that you’re fearful, take action by equipping yourself with the skills to stay safe. 

2. Improve Your Physical Health

Self-defense training is often fast-paced and cardio-based, making it a great exercise form. You’ll be able to improve your lung function, get your blood pumping, and increase the power of your cardiovascular endurance.

As you push your body and train more and more, your whole body will feel the benefit. From your muscles getting stronger to your musculoskeletal system improving and becoming more flexible, you’ll be able to respond quicker and with more strength.

3. Become More Street Aware

Taking part in regular self-defense classes will force you to become more aware of your surroundings. While you never plan on getting attacked, properly assessing potentially dangerous behaviors and locations will allow you to be ready for this type of situation should it occur. 

Many self-defense classes have segments that challenge you to think like an attacker. This gives you a perspective that better informs your decision-making. With this knowledge, you can be safer no matter where you find yourself. 

4. Boost Your Balance and Focus

Self-defense classes require a lot of effort from both the mind and the body. All of this helps you to improve your balance and focus. They teach you how to focus on your target while controlling your body because, without balance, it’s almost impossible to fight back.

When you start to improve your balance and body control, you are in a much better position to protect yourself and fight when you need to.

5. Make New Friends

Most self-defense classes are conducted in a group setting, and the Charlotte area offers many group options. Classes give you the chance to meet new people who also want to stay safe. 

The practice of self-defense is similar to martial arts in its teachings of showing respect, tolerating others, and honoring the people around you. By getting involved in Charlotte’s self-defense community with these classes, you’ll find people who share your values and desire to be stronger, more confident people. 

Learn to Protect Yourself

Are you ready to learn how to defend yourself? Charlotte offers many self-defense classes, and you’ll be able to get all the positive physical and mental benefits you’re looking for. Improve your fitness, make new friends, and explore the world confidently — there’s nothing to lose.