5 Personal and Memorable Gifts for Your SO


Now that you have found the one for you, spending time together is your favorite thing to do, and that is sometimes the only gift you want. Sharing a meal together, traveling, and going on holiday adventures! All those little moments are gifts in themselves. Even though time together is the best gift to give to each other, it is still nice to give and receive an actual present.  We’ve found 5 gifts for you to give your person, that are personal, memorable, and they are definitely things they want.

  1. A Memorable Scented Candle

This year has been a big adjustment for everyone. The lack of travel, having to stay home, and the trips lost to the pandemic are hard pills to swallow. If your SO is missing a specific place this holiday season, Homesick Candles allows you take them there without leaving your home. A scent can instantly transport you to a different time, place, and memory, so why not pick a scent curated with a specific place in mind?  The city you met, where you got married, their hometown, or a place you plan to travel to together in the future. It is a sweet reminder of those special moments and future memories you will make together. You can also give a candle wax melter as a gift.

2. A Custom Pillow

So, your SO isn’t allowed to hang anything on the walls in their apartment, but they still want a way to display images of you two? Did you know you can get pillows with custom pictures on them? Score! Canvas People has you covered when it comes to customized products, and especially unique ones. Get your beau a pillow with your face on it, or if you are trying to keep things a little more casual, have a pillowcase printed with a picture from a sunset you shared together, or from their favorite camping trip. The pillow possibilities are endless, and their displaying of your love won’t hinder them from getting their full deposit back.

3. Underwear

Personal and memorable doesn’t exclusively mean impractical. New underwear is a meaningful gift that maintains all practicality factors. MeUndies has you covered on all those fronts (literally covered, too). They have undergarments for all shapes, sizes, and design preferences. And ok, if you want to take things to the next level… you can get matching underwear! (Wait… what were you thinking we were going to say?)  MeUndies uses ethically sourced materials, natural and sustainable fibers, and everything is imported under fair working conditions. You just can’t get any better than that. Take it from them: “it’s easy to match your bottom half with your better half”. So, what are you waiting for? Select your favorite styles, pick a fun design, and get to feeling comfortable with your person.

4. New Shoes

Continuing on the theme of practicality… When was the last time your SO bought themselves shoes that are actually comfortable, durable, and stylish? Yeah, too long ago, that’s what we thought. Well, they will be glad you read this, because you are about to upgrade their shoe game in a major way. Shoes from AllBirds are comfy, washable, environmentally friendly, and the perfect choice for someone who needs a shoe that will last. Their shoes are made from the finest Merino wool, meaning they are breathable, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulating. And the best part, they aren’t scratchy! Oh, and did we mention their packaging is made with 90% recycled cardboard and their shoelaces are made of recycled plastic bottles? Yes, we have found you the perfect pair of shoes. You’re welcome.

5. Coordinate Bracelet

Getting a memorable gift sometimes means referencing a memory you have shared together. Something to remind them of a great moment in time. Something like a bracelet from Wanderer with the coordinates of where you met, where you crossed paths (no matter where it was), or your initials, all as a visual reminder of your love for them in that moment, and presently. 

We know that no matter what you get for your SO, they will love it because it came from your heart! So, don’t be afraid to go for it and give them something they will cherish!