5 Investments That Can Boost the Value of your Home


Some of the best investments you can make involve your home, and by putting in a little bit of extra work, you can undoubtedly boost its value.

Small updates like brightening up your space with upgraded lighting can help the appeal and look of your home. But if you want to find out about the best significant changes to make today, keep reading.

1) Updated Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning unit is blowing hot air or stops and starts randomly, this could be wasting energy and adding money to your electric bill. That’s why you should always keep your unit up to date with reliable companies like Estes Services. It’s also important to regularly get your air conditioning checked out by professionals and a tune-up if necessary.

By having these routine tune-ups, changing your air filter all the time, and installing high-quality air products like dehumidifiers, you can get your home’s value to where it needs to be.

2) Adding Insulation to Your Attic

If the insulation in your attic is not functioning correctly, you are wasting energy. Up to 30 percent of the warmth from your furnace is going right out to the open. Adding insulation to your home is a relatively easy update, and the materials are pretty inexpensive as well. For this easy DIY project, you may have to sacrifice your weekend, but you’ll be adding tons of value to your home.

3) Updating Plumbing

When appraisers come and evaluate your home, your plumbing is mainly taken into consideration. Old and rusty pipes that have put questionable metal into your drinking water should be replaced. Nowadays, updating your plumbing is less invasive and can be completed more quickly. One of the scariest parts of being a homeowner is realizing you need to have a costly repair done on your home, but re-piping isn’t as big of a deal as it seems to be.

4) Remove any Paneling or Popcorn

Particular home looks aren’t ever going to be trendy again, like paneling and popcorn ceilings. Rip out your paneling and put up some drywall, and you’ll like your home a lot better that way. It is almost more important to get rid of your popcorn ceilings. This outdated design takes away from the modern look of your home, which in turn takes away value.

5) Don’t Forget About the Kitchen

One of the most appealing parts of a beautiful home is a big, newly renovated kitchen. That’s why if you’re looking to invest money in your home and your kitchen isn’t up to par, that’s where you should be investing. An essential part of a modern kitchen is a proper workspace and layout. Once you’ve worked out a design of your kitchen, it should be easy to buy updated appliances and plug them in.

So when evaluating your home, check the kitchen first. You can get a lot of your home’s value this way.

Start from the Inside Out

Believe it or not, a lot of your home’s value comes from the inside. Things like updated plumbing, good insulation, and a functioning air conditioning unit can boost the price you can sell it for. But if you’re looking to appeal to homebuyers, it’s essential to embrace a modern look in your house by removing outdated features of your home. Scraping off those popcorn ceilings is a must, but also remember to remove any wood paneling to keep up with the look. No matter what the state is of your home, you can always find small renovations to make to boost its value and quality.