5 Interesting Facts About Lightroom Presets


Lightroom presets found their way into people’s mobile phones and it changed how we edit our photos forever. Now, even if you don’t have years of experience editing photos, you can edit photos in a professional way. 

How Did Lightroom Presets Become a Thing? 

Nobody really knows how Lightroom presets became so trendy. Obviously, the fact that one of the biggest photo editing companies allowed you to use this feature for free on your mobile phone had a lot to do with it. Now, everyone could edit their photos professionally with a couple of clicks without the need of learning editing techniques. 

In addition to that, I can tell you how 123Presets.store started. Our CEO didn’t know that the store will have more than 80 presets in the store. Everything started from a small request that he as a photographer received. One of his clients asked him whether he could create the presets specifically for their company. So that when they take their own pictures, their Instagram feed looks consistent with the photos that he took with his pro. 

Import on Desktop & Use It on Mobile 

Not many people know that you can import your presets to desktop and then use them on mobile. This is only possible if you have bought Lightroom. If you are not a photographer, then most probably you don’t want to invest in a program. However, it is definitely convenient that you can add your photos from your DSLR and then upload them from your phone on the go. 

Make Changes After Using a Preset

Another important thing is that presets are so easy to adjust. Hence, after the more complex settings such as tone curve or split toning is added, you can edit your presets exposure and saturation. This allows you to create your own unique style quickly. For example, just by increasing the whites you will have a profession but yet different preset. 

What Kind of Changes You Might Want to Make to Professional Presets? 

Many influencers choose one extra feature that they adjust once they buy a set of presets. For example, they might increase the whites because they like the look of it. Others decrease the saturation because they want to achieve a more natural look. Some people select one color and just saturate that one. Others add clarity. Quite frankly, the possibilities are endless. But having professional presets help you tremendously to save time and also achieve the look that you want immediately. 

If you have never used presets before, you simply don’t know how each setting interferes with one another. For instance, you know that you love minimalist style but you just don’t know which colors to adjust. You want your photo to be minimalistic but also stand out from the crowd. Professional presets will do just that. For example, minimal presets make sure that your skin tones are tan and glowing but the rest of the photo will be desaturated.  

Edit Color for Uniform Feed

One of the main reasons why people started using presets is because they allow you to have a consistent Instagram feed. Even if your photos are taken in different locations, with different outfits, and even different lighting conditions, you can still make your Instagram tones match, 

From Beginner to Advanced Editing

Lightroom allows you to make edits yourself. From small things like adjusting exposure to more advanced features such as split tones or tone curve adjustments. Most importantly presets can adjust your color settings. That’s why the photos have a unique style when the presets are applied.