5 Immediate Steps To Take After A Personal Injury Accident


A personal injury accident happens when you get hurt because another person acted carelessly or negligently. Their acts then cause the accident wherein you get injured. Some examples include medical malpractice, slip and fall incidents, car accidents, and the like.

When you get injured, you’re not only getting wounds, but it may also be affecting your daily life. Some accidents may cause frustration, stress, and financial losses. In times like this, you may have to consider the following steps to compensate for your losses and trauma:

  1. Gather Evidence

The first is to document the incident. For instance, if you’re in a car accident, take photographs of the scene. Also, do this if you slip or fall on a property without any warning sign of a possible accident. Other evidence you need to gather includes the following: 

  • Notes on how you incur the injury. Include all of the things you remember during the accident.
  • Time, location, and other circumstances surrounding the scene
  • Photographs of the injuries
  • Pictures of the damage to your car or the place where the accident took place
  • Personal information of witnesses

Having this documentation or evidence helps you preserve facts that could help your case in the future. This will also help your personal injury lawyers from Stephens Law Firm and similar firms strengthen your case when filing claims.

However, you must ensure that all photographs record everything that may have caused such an accident. This way, you can easily prove that you’re not the one at fault in the accident. If possible, you may also take a video of the scene, injuries, and other pieces of evidence.

  1. Get Immediate Medical Treatment

After collecting pieces of evidence, immediately seek out medical treatment. Don’t worry about the medical expenses because your claims can compensate you.

Immediate medical treatment is essential because some insurance companies may not accept your claim that the accident caused the injuries. That’s because they can argue that you may not have been hurt during the accident since you didn’t go to any healthcare facility right after it happened, or that you only had a medical checkup upon your attorney’s suggestion.

This means that the insurance policy provider may take it that you’re faking your claim. But when you seek immediate medical treatment, it can be solid proof that the accident caused the injuries. 

  1. Notify The Management And Insurance Company

You also need to let your insurance policy provider know that you had an accident. This is because sometimes, an accident becomes a serious legal claim. This can help prevent any denial of your claim due to missed notification. Or, your insurance provider can help cover your injuries or damage according to your policy when you report it to them. 

The management may include the property owner, healthcare provider, or employer, depending on the type of personal injury accident. You should relay to them the essential details of how the incident occurred. They can also notify other people who may know the further steps to take regarding your condition.

  1. Think About Filing An Insurance Claim

As mentioned, your policy provider may shoulder some of the expenses on your injuries. However, there are also times that they may deny such. When this happens, you may want to file for claims.

The list of information required for filing claims depends on your provider, so you need to know them. This way, you can accomplish them and have a higher chance of receiving your claims. This is where you can use your documentation and pieces of evidence as well. From photos to medical records, these documents are required by insurance policy providers.

Moreover, the compensation you’ll receive will be based on the information you’ve submitted. An adjuster will assess after the provider assigns them your case.

  1. Work With A Personal Injury Lawyer

While this step isn’t required, it may still be best to do it. That’s because your personal injury attorney will work on your behalf so you can recuperate faster. They’ll be the ones to obtain necessary documents, submit them to your provider, and negotiate with the latter. 

Even if you can do it yourself, it’s still better to let an attorney do it. They know the process and can handle the legal pressure to win your claims. If you are hurt in new jersey then it is best to contact a personal injury lawyer nj they will help you to get through this more professionally.


Being injured in an accident may take a toll on your daily life, so it’s best to know what to do if you experience such. Don’t rely on the thought that the incident is a small one. Some minor accidents may have a significant impact on your health, so it’s still best to do the steps above.