5 examples of exotic and imported cars – does my vehicle qualify for classic car insurance?


If you have an exotic vehicle, an import car, or a muscle automobile, then you might be wondering – does my vehicle qualify for classic car insurance? Since you have a unique type of vehicle that usually does not fall under the realm of another type of insurance coverage, you need to make sure the policy you purchase can work with your specific car. When it comes to exotic and imported cars, you need to know the difference between these two types of automobiles. Are you wondering where to get auto insurance from? Insurance Navy is the answer you’re looking for.

Exotic cars are typically low sports cars that are rare, specially made, limited edition, and hard to find on the typical car market. The three types of cars usually look untraditional and different from other models that you would find produced around the same time. Usually purchased by car enthusiasts only, an exotic car might be suitable for those who already have a big car collection.

Import cars are vehicles that are made elsewhere in the world. Import and domestic basically means the origin of manufacturing – if you live in the United States, an import car may be from China, Europe, or anywhere outside of the country of your origin. 

Let’s see a few examples of exotic and import cars – find out if my vehicle qualifies! 

Ferrari 488 Pista

One example of an exotic car that you can purchase on the market today is a Ferrari 488 Pista. This type of car has the most powerful engine ever made in history with the Ferrari Cars! This version of the Ferrari is known for its speed, handling, and horsepower. Does my vehicle qualify for classic car insurance? Your Ferrari 488 might!

Porsche Carrera GT

Another type of exotic and imported car at night qualify for classic car insurance is a Porsche Carrera GT. This type of car model looks like something out of the future, with an aesthetic and high-value exterior and interior. With a 5.7-liter 10V engine that has ample horsepower for passing cars on the highway and powering up hills, this exotic car is great for those who do not have a budget. Ask yourself “does my vehicle qualify“ for classic car insurance before buying this car!

Mercedes Benz SLS 

The Mercedes Benz SLS typically is listed for between $415,000 and $425,000 depending on the year of the production. This high-performance car is known for its wing doors, upward movement of the doors, and detachable doors in the case of an accident. 

McLaren 720S

Another example of an exotic and important car that might qualify for classic car insurance is the McLaren 720S. Coming in a bright blue color with a black interior and wing doors, this supercar is aesthetically and geometrically designed

Ferrari Speciale A

The last type of exotic and import car that you should look at when asking yourself “does my vehicle qualify “for classic car insurance is the Ferrari Speciale A. This car model is powerful, aerodynamic, and very rare.


If you are asking yourself, “does my vehicle qualify” for classic car insurance, make sure you find out the answer before buying any one of these high-end, luxurious, and unique sports and exotic cars!