4 Ways to Be a More Sustainable Parent


As a parent, you’re the head of your family, and everything you command should be final. If you want your family members to stay in a safe environment, have a prolonged life, and be healthy, lead them. Be a parent who teaches their children how to be eco-conscious. Also, let them be mindful of the decisions they make that might impact the environment negatively. Through this, you’ll be able to be a sustainable parent.  

Can you think of the best way to achieve this? Read this informative article and understand more.

1. Check on Your Family’s Clothing

You and your family members need to dress daily to be safe from the harsh environment. One of the ways you can ensure you’re a sustainable parent is by checking on their clothing. Buy for them clothes made of sustainable fabrics and processing. Look for companies that manufacture babies’ clothes that are GOTS certified, meaning they consist of dyes and eco-friendly materials.

You can also make your baby’s hand-sewn clothes made of wool or organic hemp that are safe for use. If you can’t make them, there’s a better alternative to buying your family’s clothes made of organic materials. 

2. Buy Sustainable Toys for Your Kids

Most kids’ toys are plastic and other unsafe materials. Be a different parent and shop for sustainable baby toys, which you can get from various online shops. Such toys are better than the others as the materials as they can’t harm your baby while playing. Also, you can buy recycled plastic toys for your kids, which are eco-friendly.

 If you know how to make some of the toys like dolls using cotton clothes, you’ll be achieving this without spending much money. Learning some of the tricks on YouTube can also help you make these toys with ease. 

If you have friends who are willing to gift your kids toys, let them know the type you prefer. You can recommend to them sustainable toy brands that they should buy. Or still, ask them to gift you second-hand toys rather than brand new ones. 

When your kids grow up, they’ll be asking for different toys, such as computers, consoles, tablets, and phones. Consider buying refurbished or used IT items and gadgets instead of buying brand-new ones. Not only will it save you money, but you’ll also be helping reduce the e-waste that goes into the dumpster and pollutes the earth.

3. Use Biodegradable Products in Your Home

Instead of using items that can’t decompose, go for biodegradable ones. If you’re a new parent, shop for a diapers and wipes bundle that are harmless to the baby and environment. Such products also give you an easy time disposing of them after use. You can also use biodegradable maternity pads or menstrual cups for your periods to reduce plastic waste in your bathroom. Using such products is the best since they’re ultra-soft than the others. They’re also safe for your skin and hypoallergenic.

You can also do the same with the items you use in your kitchen. For example, instead of using plastic food packaging, buy biodegradable food containers which are eco-friendly.  

4. Teach Your Family Members About Sustainability

Nothing is fulfilling like working towards achieving a common goal as a family. To accomplish this, teach your family members about the negative impacts of some of their actions on the environment. You can show the effects of unsustainable living on the environment. Let them know how careless human activities can force dangerous animals out of their territory, harming innocent people. Remember, unsustainable living also has consequences like the extinction of species like Hellbenders, which would be a devastating loss. 

You can also take them to a zoo and see the benefits of sustainable living, especially wildlife.  With a practical example, kids can grasp whatever you’re trying to teach them, and the lesson will stick longer in their minds.


If you want to be a more sustainable parent, you don’t have to look for big solutions. Start small at home with the people you live with and teach them the importance of sustainable living. You can also start using biodegradable products in your home to avoid impacting the environment negatively. If you’ve got little kids, buy them eco-friendly toys and clothes that are also good for their health. Remember, it all starts with you, so lead by an example.