4 Ways Smart Technology Can Help Your Pest Control Business


You may think that smart technology is just another buzzword to sell new products and services to businesses. After all, if these new devices on the market are smart, does it mean that all devices preceding them are dumb? It doesn’t make sense, does it?

The word smart in smart tech doesn’t actually mean that a device or product has better intellect. Some sources say that the word smart is an acronym: Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology—making smart tech actually redundant. (1)

Regardless of its definition, smart tech has become a catch-all phrase for most tech and devices that can connect to modern networks and perform additional functionalities when compared to their non-smart counterparts. An excellent example of this is the smartphone, which superseded the cellphone. (2)

If you’re considering making a leap of faith towards smart technology for your pest control business but still hesitating, here are some ways smart tech can become valuable to you:

  1. Make your business processes faster

A business management suite like Jobber is an excellent example of innovative technology you can utilize to benefit your company. These types of programs offer various functions to make your business more efficient and profitable. The standard features you would want with your business management suite are automatic follow-ups, route optimization, appointment reminders, as well as booking and quoting functionalities.

To be honest, most of the smart tech you’ll need is housed within a business management suite. For example, you can make it easy for your clients to track your team with appointment reminders and automatic follow-ups. If they want to reschedule their appointment with your team, they can also do it using their phone without even needing to talk to anyone. Also, if leads want to know how much your services cost, they can utilize the estimate or quote generator through the business management suite you’re using. 

Depending on how robust the software is that you choose, you can usually make your business processes faster and more efficient. If you add a good lead generation service on top of that, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you’ll have a more reliable and constant stream of customers.

  1. Make your crew more efficient

You may still be flying solo with your business right now. But when you start growing a team for your pest control business, you’ll love that smartphones exist.

Before, field service businesses needed to buy radios to keep in touch with their employees in the field. Nowadays, a smartphone is all team members need to keep in touch with each other and their schedules. The great advantage to smartphones is that they don’t only provide a stable means of communication with your office and field workers, but they can allow you to utilize apps that can help you operate your business out in the field.

For example, most business management suits offer various functionalities that can help your field employees, one of which is route optimization. Thanks to smartphones, they can just download the suite’s dedicated app to allow them to access the route optimization functionality on their phone while they’re on the go. As long as they’re connected to the internet, and their phones are working, they can instantly change their routes to ensure that they won’t be wasting their time on the road driving.

  1. Provide you with alternative and cheaper tech options

Currently, you may be employing or utilizing various gadgets, devices, and technologies in your business. If you are, consider applying smart technology in your company as an upgrade. Even entrepreneurs who have new startups are doing it as well.

For example, suppose you’re using CCTV cameras or a third-party security company to secure your office or storage where you store your equipment. In that case, you can reduce the amount you pay by using new smart security cameras. They’re relatively cheaper to have, and you can have complete control of them as well.

  1. Give you more access and control to customer data

Most management business suites come with customer relationship management (CRM). What this does is that it allows you to collect, sort, filter, and analyze customer data. With data, you can get to know your customers more. You can get to know their pain points, preferences, and other essential customer details and behavior to enhance your customers’ overall experience, leading to the growth of your pest control business. (3)


Everyone has gained access to helpful apps and smart tech wherever they are in the world through smartphones. As a result, everything you could ever need or want is within a few taps on your phone. If you want to grow your business, all you need to do is utilize the help of smart technology.


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