4 Small U.S. Cities Gamers Will Love

Santa Monica has great weather, ocean access, a young population, and a booming gaming sector. What more could you possibly need?

For many, online gaming is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. The perfect headset, chair, and playlist are all vital components that set the stage to engage in successful and fun gameplay. So, when setting out to create your perfect gaming experience, why not consider which cities will lend themselves well to gaming?

Although the modern world we live in allows for people to enjoy playing from most location, there are some beautiful, small U.S. cities that definitely give gamers the upper hand. An added bonus: you won’t have to bend over backwards to pay your rent in a dense, overpopulated location like New York or LA.

Atlantic City, New Jersey  

Known to serve up the fastest internet access in the entire country, New Jersey has the highest broadband coverage at 99%- a dream for gamers who spend a large majority of their time in front of their device’s screens and hate to be delayed because of slow internet.

Another huge advantage gamers have in the garden state is the rise of the online gaming industry in general, specifically when it comes to casino games which continue to flourish throughout Atlantic City and beyond. There truly is no other U.S. state that has so much variety when it comes to online casinos. Users have the possibility to choose from themed slots, video poker, roulette, baccarat and much more. The popular and unpredictable nature of blackjack, which is available in single and multi-player functions, keeps users particularly well entertained, even in the non-land based casino setting.

In addition, Atlantic City has continued to host many events in the Esports sector, with future plans to create venues that will connect the area even more with the industry in the years to come.

Santa Monica, California

Everybody knows that California’s Silicon Valley is the tech capital of the United States, home to Google, Facebook and Apple among others. But did you know that Santa Monica is also a gaming developers hot spot?

Several video game companies call this sunny beachside city home, such as well as the creators of extremely well-known games like “World of Warcraft” and “Guitar Hero.”

Stepping in New Jersey’s footsteps, the city is also becoming more related with Esports. A new training facility for a professional organization in the industry, Team Liquid, recently opened in the area. California knows that the sector is booming, especially when it comes to Esports betting, and more locations are needed to keep up with the hype.

Madison, Wisconsin 

Although you will most definitely experience a harsher winter in Wisconsin if you choose it over Cali, the state’s capital was recently ranked within the top 20 best places to live for gamers on a list of 100 different U.S. cities. Perhaps this is due to Madison being home to the University of Wisconsin, as the school offers a variety of degrees in Instruction, Computer Science, and especially Game design and development.

The city as a whole is a tech hub, with the Wisconsin Games Alliance appearing on the scene just three years ago and growing the industry to remarkable heights. Now, thanks to various conferences and partnerships in the community, important gaming developers are starting to notice the midwestern city and plant more jobs and entertainment opportunities here.  

Kansas City, Missouri

Similar to New Jersey, Missouri’s Kansas City ranks top when it comes to broadband speed, clocking in at 159.18 Mbps, offering wicked fast access all over the city.

When it comes to overall gaming environment, as well as gaming developer presences, Kansas City has you covered. For example, small and large developer studios are popping up all over the city, and many lounges have opened for gamers to take the fun out of their house and make friends by competing with other people in a comfortable space.

The city is known to be one of the best places to live in the U.S. and for tech lovers even more so. Kansas City was chosen as one of the five best places in the country to obtain a job in the gaming industry.

Kansas City is also known for its tasty barbecue cuisine and historic roots in jazz music, but it’s also a fantastic place to find a job in the gaming industry