4 Simple Home Interior Upgrades with a Big Impact


Are you simply getting tired of the same old, same old? Perhaps you have some other motive behind doing a bit of upgrading such as maybe the imminent annual visit from the in-laws? For whatever reason, you are looking for something that is easy to do and, of course, won’t break the bank. It’s time to turn the creative muses loose for a bit of inspiration. Here’s what they’ve come up with so far.

1. Start with the Room of Most Importance

If you are trying to make a big impact, there must be a reason. For example, if the dreaded annual visit from the in-laws is just around the corner, then that’s where you start. What room will they be staying in? That should be your main focus. One idea might be to change out that bed they are always complaining about. It’s too hard. It’s too soft. The frame feels like it’s going to come apart at any moment, and their list of complaints just keeps on growing at every visit. 

Why not replace the bed with one that has a better-quality mattress and also a unique headboard that will shock and delight them at the same time? Just make sure that you find a suitable mattress for the new frame you’ve chosen, and size might be an issue. Start with the mattress and if you know the size of the new frame, you can check out this mattress size and dimensions guide to be totally sure you can find a good mattress to fit the new frame.

2. Go Big and Bold

Starting with the headboard for the guest room, why not go big and bold? The headboard can be overly tall and just as ornamental as it is tall. Whether you choose to have a padded headboard, a bookshelf headboard, or a carved wood headboard, make sure it immediately draws your attention as you open the door to the room. A bit of shock and awe might work on a couple of levels, the most important being that you’ve heard them over the years. It’s as if you were saying, “We heard you and so we created this room for you.”

3. Add a Bit of Texture

When working your way through the home, one thing you will find is that everything just seems so flat. The walls are painted, and the floors are either hardwood or tiles. Perhaps a few throw rugs would add a bit of texture to the floors, or you could choose to have a room or two carpeted from wall to wall. You can easily wallpaper at least one wall in a room with textured paper which was made for just this reason. Once you’ve added texture, it resembles a 3D photo. Now that’s something to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens! 

4. Work with Colors That Pop

Whether you choose to paint or simply add big oversized pillows on sofas or beds, you can begin looking for colors that pop. In other words, look for bright colors — the brighter the better. From lamp shades to cupboard doors, add some rich, vibrant colors that will call immediate attention to themselves. You can do this with almost every room in the home. All those neutral colors you’ve been living with are probably the main reason why you’ve grown bored with your surroundings.

Just remember that this is actually your home, so don’t go too crazy having fun making a statement. You want your interior improvements to have a big impact but not so big it keeps you up at night. Now then, the in-laws? That’s another story altogether.