4 Signs You’re Dating A Sigma Male


You’ve been dating this guy, and you’re a witness to how he takes control of your relationship in certain situations. Moreover, you’ve also seen how he leads, but in a silent way. He has opened up to you about his ambitions, and has laid out plans to get there. Whenever he wants something, he makes sure the job is done and he doesn’t procrastinate. He may appear as an alpha male, but he also loves spending his free time walking or sitting on corners alone.  

And, so, the main question lingers around: are you dating a sigma male right now?  You may be wondering if you’re dating someone as good as James Bond, or maybe a Jack Ryan. But, before you get ahead to that, however, let yourself be aware first of what’s a sigma male and if your partner might be one.  

Defining Sigma Male Personality  

Simply put, sigma males are men who may appear a bit of an alpha male, but they’re also kind of an introvert. They may appear commanding, but they’ll be quiet most of the time, leaving you feeling more intrigued about their mysterious side. It’s a male personality in which he doesn’t seek validation based on his successes. They may only stay low and quiet, while at the same time make their presence felt.  

A sigma male (as defined by this resource: https://eq.irisdating.com/sigma-males/) prefers to live and lead his life in his own ways. You’ll never see him socializing with numerous people on social gatherings, and he would rather stay alone and work on getting to know himself more.   

Signs You’re Dating A Sigma Male  

It might be tricky to figure out if the guy you’re dating now is a sigma male or not. In fact, your guy might not even be aware of this himself. Fortunately, there are signs that you can look out for to help you know if you’re dating a sigma male. Read on for the four main signs below. 

  • Not Good At Socializing 

One pretty obvious sign that you’re dating a sigma male is that socializing in huge crowds isn’t their forte. Since they spend their free time mostly doing things alone, it can affect their social skills. Even if you try taking him with you to social gatherings and parties, chances are he’ll spend most of his time sitting at the furthest corner of the room with his headphones on.  

You also can’t expect them to be the ones initiating small talks first. That’s because they find small talks boring and don’t see the point of trying to fit in with people and impress them. He can also be the type of guy who rarely responds to his emails or text messages because he simply has no time to hover on his phone or computer, and reach out to people. 

  • Don’t Like Following Orders 

You can’t expect a sigma male to constantly take orders from the ‘bosses’ of society. That means he can sometimes be unresponsive to authority, and so they may function best when they’re self-employed than being under the management. If he bought a product that comes with specific instructions, you might notice how he casually ignores those instructions and just do whatever he can to the thing he bought. 

But, despite being unresponsive to authority, there’s some beauty about it. Since they don’t take orders, they’re motivated to work alone and learn things by themselves. When they have goals and ambitions, you can guarantee that they’ll work towards it in the way they know, without depending on anyway else’s input.  

  • Not Good At Lengthy Speeches 

Sigma males don’t waste their time on lengthy speeches and try to beat around the bush. Instead, they’ll go right to the point. When you have a conversation with them, don’t be surprised if their responses are short or answer things directly, with no hesitation. That’s because, unlike other guys, they don’t want to complicate things with lengthy explanations. 

The good thing about this attitude is that communication will be a lot easier, and your relationship is more intact. You can guarantee that your man won’t be that type of guy who chooses to drop subtle hints rather than communicating directly about what’s bothering him. The more direct and open communication is in your relationship, the better and lesser misunderstandings you’ll both have. 

  • Independent And Self-Reliant 

Since sigma males are comfortable being alone or doing things in solitude, they’re self-reliant and independent.

During your relationship, you may notice how he sometimes does things his way, or he has his own lifestyle established even before you guys were dating. He won’t be the type of guy who will depend much on his partner or be too clingy. When he has problems, he may try to own them and solve them by themselves. Simply put, he’ll choose to take care of himself. 

Wrap Up 

With these signs, you can assess if you’re dating a sigma male. If you are, then you’re in luck! With the independence, directness, and initiative he has, he can love you intensely and handle your relationship seriously. However, don’t forget to let him have his own space because that’s also part of who he is.