4 Potential Consequences Of Committing A Traffic Offence


Typically, traffic offences, whether minor or major, are considered serious offences that can endanger the lives of many people, including the drivers and pedestrians. These occur when the individuals behind the wheels violate some laws regulating the vehicle operation on the highways and streets. However, more than the violations themselves, people who’ve been charged with these offences may have to face plenty of legal consequences, which can also impact their lives forever. 

To properly educate yourself about these legal matters, below are the four potential consequences of committing a traffic offence:

  • Suspension Or Cancellation Of Driver’s License

A potential consequence of committing a traffic offence is the suspension or cancellation of driver’s license. This usually happens when you’re charged with certain drug or drunk driving offences, particularly the DUI (driving under the influence). For instance, when you’re charged for a traffic offence, your license may be suspended, which means you’re not allowed to drive for a specific period of time. 

Moreover, if you’ve been committing the same traffic offence for a certain time, your driver’s license can also be automatically cancelled by the regulating government agency. This means that your vc 23123.5 a license will no longer be valid and you can no longer drive again. 

Therefore, if you can’t afford to get your driver license suspended or cancelled for whatever reason, then it’s best to have one of your preferred Dui defense lawyers and check out some helpful hints about how traffic offences, particularly DUI, can impact your life and future.

  • Payment Of Hefty Fines

Primarily, a fine refers to an amount of money that’s being ordered by a court to pay as a penalty for committing a certain traffic offence. Depending on the gravity of your violation, it may be considered the whole penalty or just a part of the overall penalties you’re going to receive for the offence. In some cases, the fines you need to pay come with additional amounts to cover court costs on top of your penalty, especially with a DUI attorney harrisburg pa

Moreover, payment of fines as a penalty for violating traffic rules and regulations shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s because non-payment of fines on time can lead to a serious consequence, such as the suspension of your driver’s license by the regulating agency in your state. 

  • Jail Time

If you’ve committed a traffic offence and gotten convicted for it, then you may have to face a jail sentence depending on several factors. Typically, the possibility of facing jail time depends on the nature and number of violations committed, previous criminal record, and the nature of the damages involved. 

The usual jail sentences for drivers who committed and are convicted of a minor or major traffic offence can include:

  • Determinate sentence – It’s set for a fixed amount of time. 
  • Indeterminate sentence – It’s also set for a period of time, but it shouldn’t be more or less than the recommended limits. 
  • Life sentence – It’s a sentence wherein the accused will remain in jail for the rest of their life. 
  • Impounding And Confiscation Of Vehicle

If you’ve been charged with a certain traffic offence, such as a DWI (driving while intoxicated) committed in Charlotte or wherever in the world, the police and the court are authorized to impound or confiscate your vehicle as a penalty or consequences for the wrong you’ve done. This means your car will be taken away for a specific amount of time, and it’ll be brought to the place where it’s to be stored. 

In addition, it’s also important to note that getting your vehicle confiscated or impounded can be very costly and inconvenient for you. This is especially true if you don’t know how long your car will be taken away from you, which depends on the type of traffic offence or whether you have the same violation on your record. 

Bottom Line 

With the information mentioned above, it’s quite obvious that traffic offences may result in plenty of mishaps, which can, in turn, impact the future that awaits you. Therefore, if you want to save yourself from this kind of legal trouble, keep these potential consequences as early as now so you’ll realize how important safe driving is for you and your family. That way, you can rest, knowing that you’ll not get yourself in trouble with the traffic laws in your area.