3 Reasons to Attend a Trade Show in Charlotte, NC


Trade shows are held in some of America’s biggest cities focused on just about every industry imaginable. Charlotte, one of North Carolina’s largest cities, frequently hosts a wide range of events, including trade shows that attract visitors and locals alike every year. If you’re thinking about attending one to get the word out about your services or products, there may be no better place to do so. In fact, 82% of those who go to trade shows have the authority to buy, according to some of the latest statistics, making it an especially enticing opportunity.


Whether you have a booth at the trade show or just plan to walk around, it’s the ultimate opportunity for networking, the very best way to jump-start a career or grow a new business. Being able to network with multiple businesses in a large space brings the chance to compare what others in your industry are for the better or worse. You’ll also be able to do lots of socializing, which is a more natural, free form of marketing – you never know what those conversations will lead to – perhaps a stream of potential sales. You might even see a similar product to yours and get ideas as to how to make your own better, or find out how yours excels compared to the rest which can give you some great marketing points.

Debut a New Product

One of the primary purposes of convention and show services is for debuting new products to the world. It’s pretty much a given that there will be a large flow of traffic at trade shows, which means that you’ll be able to reach a lot more people in a short period of time. These events are key locations for creating impressive and creative booths to attract people over to see what you have to offer. Even if you don’t have a product that’s ready to hit the shelves, this is a good opportunity to do a field test, discovering just how receptive people might be to your idea. You may even get some very useful feedback on how you can improve your item.

 Generate Bigger Leads

One of the best things about a trade show is that they’re truly a jackpot for creating more leads, including Charlotte events. Almost everyone who attends one has at least some interest in discovering new companies and products, which means that many will be more open-minded and willing to listen to your sales pitch than if you were to go out cold calling. Even if all you do is exchange business cards, there is so much more potential for generating bigger leads by attending trade shows in your industry. And, if you’re looking for new companies to invest in or some of the latest, most innovative new products, it can be a fun place to browse the latest and greatest products and services.