3 Dead and Countless Injured After Hurricane Matthew Wreaked Havoc On North Carolina


As Hurricane Matthew swept higher and more inland than previously anticipated, it’s punishing effects were felt along most of North Carolina’s coast. 

So far, three people are dead and countless more injured as hundreds of water rescues continue throughout our state’s eastern most counties.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory told the press this afternoon that one person died in Sampson County after their vehicle hydroplaned in heavy rain. Two others were killed in Bladen County when their vehicle became submerged.

“This is a very, very serious and deadly storm,” McCrory remarked.

“I cannot stress how serious an issue this hurricane could cause to North Carolina, not only in damaging structures but also risking human life,” Hurricane Matthew “did downgrade in the wind, but it upgraded into the volume of water,” McCrory commented. “And water can kill, along with continued high winds. … We still have serious concerns on the beaches. But most of our concerns right now are inland, where we’re going to have surges on the major rivers coming into North Carolina, which could cause some serious, serious damage.”

McRory noted that “it’s storms like these that have caused the most damage and loss of life. This (storm) has the potential for North Carolina to see the worst flooding since Hurricane Floyd.”

State officials now say emergency responders have conducted at least 42 water rescues from cars and homes in Fayetteville, according to The News & Observer.

As the hurricane inundates an already saturated state, authorities continue to urge residents to remain vigilant and to stay on top of warnings.

According to North Carolina Public Works, 54 shelters are open, with more than 777 North Carolinians now sheltered.