YouTube Views: Why This Metric Is So Important?



Marketers often argue about which metric is the most significant for adequate growth on YouTube. The truth is that it is impossible to mark only one that would be the game-changer. Progress on YouTube consists of many factors and stats that play a big part in reaching success. And one of them is views. This metric is incredibly meaningful for nonprofits and brands. Gaining many hits means that you can improve your recognition and attract more people to your content. By analyzing the dynamics of this statistic you can easily adjust your plan and eliminate everything that didn’t work out for you.

This is the answer to the question of why this statistic is so important – views indicate how appealing your videos are to the wide audience that dwells on YouTube.

The next question then emerges as we understand the purpose of gaining plays on YT is can one actually get more of them. Well, let’s discover a few points for the successful grossing of views on your channel.

A Note If You Want To Purchase Views

As the power of social media is now obvious for businesses and bloggers, of course, there are methods to boost your results. Nowadays you can get YouTube views for $1 only, but you have to keep in mind that such things aren’t a substitution for organic audiences’ attention. And now you may wonder why would you need to buy them at all? 

The key is that the stats that you have paid for can be a trampoline that will assist you to squeeze in the competition and receive the chance to expose your materials to real viewers. Hence, your videos have greater visibility and purchased views are gaining the points of a reputation for you, as occasional users discover your channel.

Prepare Your SEO

One of the key parts that impact the extension of hits on your channel is how well your SEO is settled. The main instrument for making your content discoverable for the target audience is utilizing the relevant keywords for your uploads. The main positions for keywords are:

  • Video titles
  • Video descriptions
  • Captions

Keywords help YouTube algorithms to categorize your content properly so it appears to the right search results and recommendations. This is how you can increase your recognition and expand your influence on the platform.

Create Efficient Thumbnails

Another great view gainer is a catchy thumbnail picture. This tiny attention-grabber can stream a lot of new spectators to your channel. This is the first point that any user will see as they discover your video in their search results or recommendations. There are a few versatile tips that will help you to generate the most attractive thumbnails for your channel:

  • Use only custom thumbnails
  • Maintain branded style for all your pictures
  • Aim for minimalistic designs with simple color schemes
  • Include a small text that contains the most relevant keyword
  • Give viewers a visual hint on what your video is about – along with keywords such practice helps to reach the target audience

Remember that the size of the picture is very small so don’t overload your thumbnails with details.

Examine The Market

To get as many views as possible, you have to understand what your audience desires to see. This task requires a lot of research that has to be done before you launch your campaigns.

First of all, look through the assortment of content that is offered to viewers in your niche. That is how you will be able to determine:

  • A most interesting type of content – the videos that gain many views in the short term
  • Rarest content in the niche – define what topic is the least covered by other channels and use it for your inspiration.

Look through the most popular videos from other influencers and define what exactly attracted the attention and engaged users. Select the ideas that appear to be suitable for your materials and integrate them smoothly into your production.

Retain Your Viewers

To raise the amount of views on your channel, you must keep your hand on the pulse of the public you have already conquered. Only with their support, you can get a stable flow of plays for your content. So the terminal goal is to capture the interest of an occasional user and make them become your subs. The point is that on YouTube, views have the magic ability to grow themselves – users see that your video is popular and consider it as the most useful and relevant to their criteria.

So, basically, this is how purchased views should work – they are aimed to motivate your potential spectators to click on your video among many others.

Promote your Videos… With Your Other Videos

YouTube provides you a lot of opportunities to push your content within the borders of your channel. You can attach links to the videos you want to boost in descriptions, comments, cards, or end screens. All these things can help to increase the number of your views as new subscribers explore your content gradually from newer to older. Remember that to make this strategy successful, the content you promote has to be correlated to the original video, so you can speculate on existing interest in the subject.

Also, you can unite your videos into playlists, so each viewer has easy access to related content.


Views are incredibly valuable for your growth on youtube. And it is not too hard to get more of them. But when you are launching your channel on YT, you must understand that all metrics – likes, views, subscribers, watch time, comments – only work in the complex. You cannot push only one button if you aspire to reach success. To become an influencer, you must watch carefully for the balance of statistics and react immediately if this balance isn’t suitable for you.

View count is the important aspect of your dwelling on this platform, which demonstrates the interest of the public in your videos, and this is also one of the notable factors that affect the ranking algorithms.