YouTube Star Jake Paul Reportedly Kicked Out Of Carowinds For Motorized Scooter Incident


Famous YouTuber Jake Paul abruptly left Carowinds this past Monday after getting reprimanded by security for causing chaos in the park and possible damage to a senior citizen motorized scooter.

Moments after chaos ensued, videos of Paul and his “Team 10 Crew” began surfacing on social media, showing him taking hard turns, racing, and attempting flips on the rented scooter. Paul and his crew also seemingly encouraged kids to chase the scooter and “punch” the rider “in the head.”

Here was the view from one of Jake’s fans;

The incident quickly spread around the internet, especially by Jake’s 15 million+ YouTube subscribers, and it was soon being reported on by Fox News, Newsweek, and dozens of other national and local news agencies.

Jake’s VLog for his Charlotte trip has already received over 1.5 million views (he doesn’t include footage of abruptly leaving Carowinds);

Carowinds officials told The Blast that they “do not condone” the behavior of Jake Paul, who they say left the property after park security “insisted” that he follow the clearly posted safety rules.

A representative for Paul, however, argued that the Vlogger and team decided to leave due to the overwhelming number of fans, adding that the park gave him the scooter to begin with.