Your Ultimate Guide to Planning a Memorable Wedding Anniversary Trip


No matter how many years have been since your wedding, a celebratory trip to your choice of location can take the anniversary excitement up many notches. Such a trip has the ability to not only revive your relationship but also break free from the monotony of routine. You get to see and experience each other in a different setting, and the positivity of the aura can encourage you to plan for the future. Your wedding anniversary trip should always be as memorable and romantic as your ever first honeymoon trip. Read ahead to find out some ways to pull off a memorable wedding anniversary trip.

Choose a destination

Be it a surprise or a joint initiative, you should first choose a destination that suits your vibe when together. If both you and your partner are working professionals, then flying across the country to have some time together in peace is possibly not a great idea. You don’t want to rush your partner through the trip with some timeline crunches and strict deadlines always on your mind. Neither time nor distance should take away from your moments of togetherness.

Pick a vacation option

When on your wedding anniversary, it is very important to choose an option that can offer you solitude with safety. Since COVID-19 is not completely gone, it is essential that you choose a residence, such as these vacation rentals in Corolla, that maintain high standards of cleanliness. The option you choose should not be at the expense of health because you don’t want to return home with only bitter-sweet memories. It is advisable to choose a stay that is accessible to some nearby restaurants and markets. One thing’s for sure that you don’t want to spend your anniversary moving from one place to another with your limited time.

Fix the schedule

Regardless of the destination or tenure of your trip, you need to make sure of both of your availability at that time. If you or your partner have some unavoidable work commitments around the time of the trip, you should choose a different date.

Buy a cute gift

Gifts or presents are an important factor in an anniversary, a birthday or any other celebration. The longer you can hide the plan, the better the surprise for your partner. When you’re planning for the trip, you may not have enough time or ability to wrap the present (such as if you’re wanting to purchase the gift at your travel locale). But you should know about the effect that presentation can have on the giftee. A beautifully wrapped gift doesn’t simply excite the giftee but also increases the satisfaction and pleasure twice-over when the person’s expectations are met on unwrapping the gift. This can make your anniversary feel more special.

Keep it confidential

If you want the wedding anniversary to be just about you two, you should avoid sharing all the details of your destination and stay so that some family and friends cannot bombard you with their unexpected and unwanted presence. You may even want to take a hiatus from social media. It’s not rude if you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary on your terms. With people or without, the day should be memorable for you two, exclusively.


If you are a couple that focuses on tiny details about each other and enjoys their time in private, you should follow the above tips to plan a memorable wedding anniversary. Once back home, share your experiences with your friends and family so that they can draw inspiration from ‘em!