Woman Stumbles On Rare Snake Mating Ball On Greenway Near Uptown Charlotte


As the weather continues to rise around Charlotte, more and more critters are coming out into the open, especially reptiles. Since snakes are cold blooded, they need to sun themselves to heat their bodies up.

One Charlotte woman just stumbled on a large cluster of snakes that decided to start mating while basking in the rays.

Yesterday afternoon, Christine Proffitt was walking along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway near the Presley Uptown Luxury Apartments when she spotted the mating ball, she tweeted out a picture with the caption: “Watch out on the greenway today guys.”

There are 37 species of snakes commonly seen around the Charlotte area, but only six of them are venomous.

The snakes Christine spotted appear to be Brown Watersnakes and Northern Watersnakes – both non-venomous.

If you’d like to know which snakes are harmless and which might permanently injure or could even kill you, the ‘Snakes of the Southeast‘ guide is a great start.