Woman Shoots Handgun Into I-77 Traffic


woman-fired-gun-into-i-77-trafficThis past Saturday morning, a woman fired several shots from the median of I-77 near Westinghouse Blvd.

Sasha Turner was driving down the road when he spotted a women in the median of the highway, acting erratic. According to WCNC, Sasha and another ‘good Samaritan’ started waving traffic away from the women to keep her safe.

Suddenly, she pulled out a gun and started shooting.

“She shot at me three times,” Sasha remarked “Knowing she had fired shots at me, into traffic, I really couldn’t believe it.”

Sasha used his cell phone to capture the following video of what happened after the shots were fired:

According to police, no one was injured in the ordeal. The women’s name has not yet been released.