Why Your Lake Zurich IL AC System and Thermostat Stopped Working


The summer season is the best time for flip-flops and light-colored clothes. Fortunately, many homeowners in Lake Zurich, Illinois, have air conditioning systems that keep them cool even if they are indoors.  

With the sweltering heat of the sun and people who tend to sweat profusely, it’s no surprise that many individuals are running their air conditioners a lot. However, sometimes these appliances don’t always work the way you want them to. See more reasons why they don’t always work on this website

This can lead to uncomfortable days and even heat strokes, and it’s not fun to wait for the air conditioner and thermostat to get fixed when it’s over 90 degrees outside. This is where you might want to know why your AC has stopped working.

Common Reason why Air Conditioners Malfunction

  1. Dead Batteries on Thermostat

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with the actual appliance at all. The thermostat doesn’t put on the display because the batteries are just dead, and they need to be replaced. Changing the batteries should be the first troubleshooting step, even if you see blank screens. Another thing is to set the temperature in the “cool” mode, so you’re not just on the “fan” setting.

  1. Off Indoor Disconnect Switch

Some switches might have been accidentally switched off because of previous repairs, especially if they were in the garage or attic. Many homeowners in Lake Zurich might want to inspect their electric panels since someone might have accidentally bumped on them. Make sure that the disconnect switch is always on before doing other troubleshooting steps since this might be the fix that you need in the first place.

  1. Off Outdoor Disconnect

You might not be aware that there’s another switch for outdoors, and yes, they definitely exist. Some building codes have specific mandates that these switches should be installed next to your air conditioning appliances, so you might want to check the laws and regulations in Lake Zurich before calling the pros. You can always reset or turn on the switch and see if your unit works.

  1. Tripped Circuit Breaker

Visit your circuit breaker panels and see if they were tripped. They might be connected with your entire system, and after resetting them, you can try to turn on your AC once again.

It’s worth noting that the breakers might begin to trip when the entire panel is overloaded. If this trips once again, consider getting an exclusive switch for your air conditioner. Shutting down any other equipment may also help.

Circuit breakers should only be handled by professionals when they need repairs. Check with companies like Next Generation Heating and Cooling in Lake Zurich, IL, for more options on proceeding with the repairs. An HVAC professional can also make a complete and thorough diagnosis on your unit, so you might want to call them if you’re unsure about what to do.

  1. Blown a Fuse

You need to be aware of two fuses, and the first one is generally connected with the thermostat. If you’re disappointed with the heat, you might want to be mindful of the internal fuse that might blow up any minute, pun intended.

To prevent both fuses from getting worse, call the professionals and get them replaced. Unless you have in-depth knowledge and years of training with electricity, it’s still best to rely on the professionals and never attempt to do things yourself. Call an HVAC company in Illinois to get a more reliable diagnosis and repair.

  1. Blown a Transformer

This is the same as a blown fuse but an entirely different problem that requires another fix. However, the outcome is the same: your AC won’t generally work well until you replace the damaged transformer.

Some contractors might have done a bad job in the past, and this is why it has led to a blown transformer. You need to check wiring issues and short circuits that may have caused the problem and get them repaired immediately.

  1. Capacitors are at the End of their Shelf Life

For the units to run properly, they are generally run by two capacitors that are located on the outdoor appliance. These components run and start the capacitors, and they are similar to giant batteries. They help the AC stay on for a long time, but they can have limited shelf lives. Eventually, they will fail, and you need the right HVAC technicians in Lake Zurich to replace them.