Why you should communicate via video chat before real life meeting


We doubt we’d be mistaken if we said you’ve had at least one failed first date experience… right?

It often happens that when you meet someone online, they seem absolutely perfect to you. They have a beautiful appearance, judging by their photo, it’s interesting to communicate with them on all sorts of topics, and they are also interested in developing relationships. There’s a feeling that you’ve been waiting for this meeting all your life.But in reality, things sometimes turn out to be completely different. Appearance does not correspond to photographs at all, the person cannot maintain a real life conversation, and in the end your interests do not even match. The result? Wasted time and feelings of serious disappointment.

How to avoid this?

The easiest and most effective way is to have your first date online, and only after that go offline. This is the only way you can objectively assess the other person and understand whether you want to develop relations with them in the future. 

Today we’ll explain how to make an online date comfortable for both participants, why you need to chat at least once via video before a live meeting, and what communication services you can use. And we’ll also talk about situations in which there’s no need to organize a video date before a meeting in real life.

When it’s not necessary to arrange a pre-video date

The only situation where a video date is not necessary is when making new friends in video chat. For example, if you use Omegle random web chat or its rivals, you will immediately see the other person. Basically, this is your first date. In this way, acquaintance happens much faster, you can objectively evaluate each other, and understand how to proceed.

But Omegle is not the most versatile or convenient random video chat. Therefore, we recommend considering some others:

  • Omegle.chat — a free video chat with excellent moderation. If you’re looking to make friends online, you should try https://omegle.chat/.
  • OmeTV — a simple yet functional video chat with gender and geographic filters.
  • Shagle — a minimalist random video chat with a gender filter that allows you to choose between Male, Female, Couple or LGBTQ+.
  • Tinychat — not exactly an alternative to Omegle, but rather a video streaming service for fans of this communication format.
  • Fruzzo — a video chat with a gender filter and the ability to add interesting users to your friends list.

The list of excellent Omegle alternatives does not end there, of course. The main thing is that all of them give you many advantages at once:

  1. You will not waste time on fakes and bots, because you immediately see the other user and can make sure that they are a real person.
  2. Communication in video chat is always more sincere and lively than via text. After all, no text or emoticon can convey real emotions.
  3. Video is an opportunity to stand out, effectively present yourself and show your creativity.
  4. Communication in video chat saves a lot of time, unlike offline dating.
  5. Online dating is free. No travel expenses, restaurants, etc. This may sound overly calculated, but let’s be honest. Nobody wants to spend money for nothing. Calculation in our time is definitely not a vice.

Plus, meeting online for the first time guarantees more security and privacy. You must agree that nowadays going on a real date with a stranger is not the most sensible idea. And you will be safe on the internet, especially if you follow the basic rules for safe online communication. But that’s a different matter.

An online pre-date also helps you overcome the excitement before a real meeting. If it is difficult for you to meet new people, you cannot choose a topic for conversation and you are worried as if you are in an exam, a preliminary online meeting is a must! In this case, you will be in a more comfortable environment for yourself, there will be no strangers around and you will be able to concentrate entirely on the other person. And then your first real meeting will go a lot more smoothly.

When is a pre-video date is a MUST

We highly recommend setting up a video date to those who meet on classic dating sites and dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, etc. You should never rely solely on a person’s profile photos and texting with them. Believe us, excessive gullibility and naivety can cost you dearly in the end. And it’s not just about wasting time.

There are a huge number of fakes, bots, scammers, internet trolls and simply ill-intentioned people on the web who are ready to take advantage of your gullibility at any time. A person can easily ingratiate themself with you, pursuing their own goals. And these goals are likely to be very different from yours. Be careful and vigilant!

What services can be used for a video date

Here you have a pretty wide selection!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, almost every major dating app implemented a video chat feature, so you could chat via video right in the app. This is very convenient and saves a lot of time. However, keep in mind that video calling is a paid feature in some apps and is available only to users with a premium subscription. If this option does not suit you and you are not ready to pay for premium access, use third-party video calling services.

There are just a lot of options:

  • Zoom — a popular video conferencing service that is also ideal for face-to-face communication. The basic functionality of Zoom is completely free, so there are no additional costs for you.
  • Skype — a good alternative to Zoom. Skype has been one of the leaders in the field of video communication for a long time, but in recent years its popularity has noticeably decreased.
  • Google Meet — another great video chat option. Google Meet is a completely free platform. In addition, the service works directly in the browser and does not require a separate application to be installed on the computer.

In addition, you can arrange a video date on your favorite social network or messenger. Today, almost all popular online communication services have a video call function. And in most cases it is available for free. Take advantage of this!

Make your first date a video date

We are by no means saying that the first offline date with a new person will be a failure. This is not true at all. There are many cases when people did not see each other at all before and got acquainted via texting, and the first meeting changed their lives. But by the same token, there are many examples when the first date brought only disappointment.

Therefore, in the end, we still advise you to approach the question of arranging an online date before a real meeting seriously. If you want, get acquainted immediately in random video chats and save your time. Or organize video dates in Zoom or Google Meet, however you feel more comfortable. What matters is the result, and we are sure you will succeed!