Why Vegan Diet is Good for Students’ Cognitive Skills


The world is once again turned on its head with a new diet, but this time, there might actually be some truth in the mix. Vegan diets and veganism as a whole has grown tremendously over the last couple of years and with the help of social media, the benefits of a vegan diet have turned the dietary world on its head. 

If you had to write an assignment on vegans, you would have more than enough scientific work to chew through. Needless to say, a vegan diet is not just good for your body, but also for your brain. Here are a couple of reasons why students should give a vegan diet a go. 

The complexity of the brain

It is said that we know more about the start of the universe that we know of the human brain. It is an immensely complex organ of which we have only begun to scratch the surface of in terms of our understanding of how it works. 

Some people struggle with writing ideas and for some, abstract thought is as natural as breathing. This does not mean that we have no clue on how to improve brain function. 

You need to give it a small break, feed it with nutrition and set aside complex work like writing a thesis or a dissertation. For that, you can google ‘how to start an assignment introduction examples’ and get assignment assistance from expert writers online. The trained writers can do quality writing work for you with minimum disturbance to you. 

Although there are some vitamins and nutrients that we know of that is associated with better brain function, the conditions under which our brain performs better is better known. For instance, you are not going to figure out how to write assignment in APA style when you are fatigued and tired. You need a clear head to perform at your best. 

Vegan energy

You might have all the cognitive boosting nutrients in the world, but if your energy levels are low, your cognitive abilities will suffer. Following a vegan diet for developing skills is not a bad idea because it is associated with higher energy levels and better sleep. Learning how to write an assignment could be a lot easier if you feel up to the task. 

It almost seems counter-productive if you think that animal-based diets make you drowsy because it takes so much energy to digest the proteins and animal fats. Eating lots of nuts, legumes, quinoa and whole grains give you much more energy and does not take nearly as much energy to digest. 

More energy means that you feel brighter and more focused. This could then lead to better brain function and you’ll be in a much better condition to write my assignment.

The Vitamin B12 conundrum

The one thing that vegan diets lack is Vitamin B12. This vitamin is very important for brain function because it helps with the oxygenation of red blood cells that give your brain the necessary oxygen to function. 

Plants don’t have vitamin B12 because it does not need it, so they don’t store it either. For someone who is on a vegan diet, it is important to get a good dose of vitamin B12, but they will have to settle for a supplement rather than a specific food. 

Not all B12 complexes are equal, though. Cyanocobalamin is the most common form of B12, but it is also one of the forms to avoid. The main reason is that it mostly doesn’t get absorbed by the body and it produces cyanide while converting it to a useful form. Methylcobalamin, on the other hand, is an acceptable form of B12 that the body can absorb. 

Vegan sleep and mood

As mentioned earlier, the brain needs the right conditions, just as much as the right nutrients to function properly. When you go on a vegan diet, you get in much more of the nutrients that make you feel better than an animal-based diet. Vegan foods are packed with serotonin, tryptophan and melatonin which are imperative for a good night’s rest.

What’s more is that a vegan diet improves one’s mood and general state of being. The research suggests that a vegan diet decreases one’s stress as well. When you are less stressed and you are in a good mood, you are less prone to distraction and able to focus more. 

An added benefit of a vegan diet is that your mood stays more constant seeing that your food intake is much more constant. The foods you eat are generally free from other harmful chemicals as well, which means your body doesn’t need to contend with other toxins the whole time. 


As we move towards a vegan diet grows, the benefits also increase. More and more research is being done and as the diet is explored further, the direct and indirect benefits are more clear. Although you might be cutting out some nutrients, you can supplement them with natural alternatives that don’t involve animals. The benefits of a vegan diet have turned the dietary world on its head. But what’s really frustrating is that choosing a vegan gift for someone is never easy, if you click here you will see a number of vegetarian gift ideas that already have built a high-quality reputation.

The one certain thing is that your overall health will improve and that means that your cognitive functions will also improve. As the saying goes, a healthy body houses a healthy mind.