Why use a North Carolina LLC?



Contrary to popular belief, you can start the LLC incorporation process not only in the state where you live but in any other state. The choice of the state plays an important role, as each one has unique advantages and disadvantages concerning LLC formation and doing business. Before you apply for a business formation, you need to make sure you know the potential risks and benefits of opening an LLC in that particular state.

In this article, we will analyze the main arguments for starting a business in North Carolina. Today, it is one of the best options for starting up, enjoying great popularity. We have highlighted 7 reasons why you might want to open an LLC in North Carolina.

7 Reasons to Start a North Carolina LLC

Does North Carolina Offer Affordable Incorporation Services?

Unlike the situation in some other states, the cost of the business formation process in Wyoming is affordable even for small businesses. The price of processing formation documents by the Secretary of State’s office is only $125. In contrast, the Massachusetts filing fee for launching an LLC is $500.

In addition, the laws governing LLC formation in North Carolina are quite flexible. It allows full online LLC formation, while many states require you to do that in person.

If you don’t want to deal with the formalities of LLC incorporation on your own, there is a good alternative. You can hire one of the affordable North Carolina business formation companies that provide professional services for LLC incorporation and its subsequent setup. The best LLC services such as Mycompanyworks or Rocketlawyer will form your business at an affordable price, making the process quick and easy.

Is LLC Formation Available to Non-citizens?

A definite plus of business formation in North Carolina is the loyal requirements for those who are eligible to become an LLC owner. You don’t have to live in this state for business incorporation. In fact, you don’t even have to be a USA citizen. You can create a North Carolina LLC company and control its operations while living in any country in the world.

However, for effective management, you need to always have the most up-to-date data on the status of the company. It is important to receive official correspondence addressed to the company on time, which plays an important role in maintaining a good reputation for the company. 

If you are interested in keeping up-to-date with the business, consider hiring one of the best LLC services as a registered agent. For example, a professional service like LegalZoom will provide quick access to all company documents for a reasonable price.


Does North Carolina Provide Privacy?

North Carolina is one of the states that guarantees high confidentiality when starting a business. It extends to such aspects as:

  • The data of LLC company managers and participants are not published in the public domain;
  • Minimum reporting and disclosure obligations of the company.

Public information about the company is only the data of your registered agent, as it is necessary for interested persons to contact the LLC. At the same time, he or she should have a complete list of members and owners, including their addresses and phone numbers.

Does North Carolina Support Series LLCs?

Wyoming is among the states that allow business incorporation as Series LLCs. This is a relatively new phenomenon in today’s business world.

A Series LLC is a legal entity consisting of several separate “series”. Each “series” is also considered to be a separate legal entity for most purposes: property ownership, limitation of liability, etc.

Undoubtedly, a business formation with a Series LLC structure greatly expands the possibilities of the company. Such a business organization allows to separate assets and efficiently diversify production, limiting possible liability. Note that this type of business has only been recognized in some states so far. Also, courts often do not have enough practice in cases involving Series LLCs, which can lead to some difficulties.

What Are the Tax Requirements in North Carolina?

From a tax perspective, North Carolina is a very friendly state. If you choose it for LLC incorporation, you can save significant amounts of money. In this state, the corporate and individual income tax rate is 0%. In addition, there is no franchise tax and a very low sales tax of only 4%.

However, when planning an LLC formation, you need to keep in mind that to take advantage of North Carolina’s tax benefits, you have to not just do business there but live in the state. 

What Are the Annual Maintenance Costs for an LLC?

If you want to save money on maintenance, North Carolina is a great choice for LLC incorporation or business expansion. For example, the cost of reviewing the annual report required of all LLCs in this state is from $100 to $175.

If you don’t want to get penalties for missing the reporting deadline, consider hiring one of the LLC formation services, such as LegalZoom or IncFile. Most of these LLC creation services offer clients convenient tools that will make it easier to maintain a good reputation for your company.

Important that there isn’t a single license required for all businesses in North Carolina. To operate in the state, many different sorts of enterprises must, nevertheless, apply for specialized permits. The products and services you provide will determine if your firm needs a license. 

Economic Prerequisites for LLC Formation in North Carolina

Sufficient funding for an LLC company is one of the most important prerequisites for its proper functioning and growth. Businesses in North Carolina have unique grant opportunities, as well as access to numerous incentive and loan programs from the state. You can go directly to state legislators and the governor to discuss the possibility of funding a company.

Also, arguments for LLC formation in North Carolina include low industrial energy rates and the state’s convenient geographic location. North Carolina offers the best point of access to markets and consumers throughout the eastern seaboard thanks to its strategic position and first-rate transportation system, which also helps to keep freight and delivery costs low.


North Carolina is one of the most attractive states for business formation and has held the top-1 position for LLC startups for several years in a row. There is no personal income tax or corporate income tax in this state. Also, LLC incorporation and annual maintenance prices are affordable. You don’t need to spend money for a permanent business license renewal, and the annual report processing fee is only $50. North Carolina also provides high privacy to managers and business owners with minimal reporting requirements.

If you are too busy or just don’t like paperwork, leading LLC formation services are ready to take care of all the formalities on your behalf. LLC creation services like LegalZoom or Mycompanyworks are among the best LLC services, and yet their prices are quite reasonable. Not only will they help you form your North Carolina LLC in full compliance with state requirements, but they will also give you access to a wide range of additional services. Hiring such a professional service is a great investment in your company’s future and an easy way to streamline your operation.