Why Should You Choose Mediclaim Policy?


Insurance is more of a necessity than an option. You cannot avoid the need for having insurance in your life. In such uncertain times of COVID-19, it has become highly essential to save yourself some money in the form of insurance.

Medical insurance is the most important type of insurance policy that everyone should have. But the question arises, which is the best medical insurance policy.

Have you heard about the Mediclaim insurance policy? It is a type of medical insurance that can provide you with a bunch of benefits.

In this article, we are going to talk more about Mediclaim and how it can offer you its aisle of advantages.

What Is Mediclaim Insurance Policy?

You would agree to the fact that medical expenses are continuously rising every year, which makes it financially challenging to meet medical needs. It is an insurance cover that protects you from the sky-rocketing hospital expenses. A Mediclaim policy will provide you with financial protection against hospitalization expenses.

This policy is used to cover specific needs for a certain time. Mediclaim is a type of health insurance where you can get your expenses reimbursed or choose for cashless treatment. With this insurance policy, you can also avail of tax exemption under 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961, making it a great investment for people.

What Are Features and Benefits of Mediclaim Policy?

You will be wondering what are the benefits of Mediclaim policy online in India. Here are some of the features and benefits of this policy:

  • You can avail cashless hospitalization treatment with this policy.
  • You can pick this policy for yourself or your entire family.
  • You can lessen your financial burden with this medical policy.
  • You can eradicate the expenses paid from pocket.
  • All the expenses will be handled by the insurance company that include your hospitalization charges.
  • You can also avail of tax exemptions with this policy.
  • You can get cost-effective and budget-friendly services under the policy.

What Are the Types of Mediclaim Policies?

You will be given different options regarding the types of Mediclaim policy. Here are a few common ones available:

  1. Individual Policy: In this plan, only the policyholder is covered for the expenses.
  2. Family Floater Policy: Both individuals and family members will be covered in the policy, including spouse, parents, and children.
  3. Group Mediclaim Policy: This policy is bought by corporates who want to insure their employees.
  4. Senior Citizen Policy: As the name suggests, this policy is ideal for senior citizens.
  5. Critical Illness Mediclaim Policy: This policy will cover all the expenses arising from a critical illness.
  6. Overseas Mediclaim Policy: All the hospitalization expenses that happen overseas can be covered in this policy.

The Bottom Line

Mediclaim is an effective health plan that you can benefit from. If you know the best way to use it, Mediclaim policy can provide you with great benefits.

The above-mentioned quick guide will help you understand this insurance type. Make sure to pick a reliable insurance provider for your Mediclaim policy.