Why North Carolina is More Important for The Candidates Than They Anticipate


One of the most popular states of the US is indeed North Carolina which is the ninth-largest state in the country by population. We can list tons of reasons for it to be considered as an attractive place for Americans. Wonderful climate, great weather, flourished job market, stunning beaches, breathtaking views, culture, history, etc. There you can find amazing career opportunities, so chances of finding a new job for the people migrating there are higher than other states. This is why NC has become one of the top destinations for people of different ages, nationalities, and professions and why people are actively considering moving to the state.

Why is North Carolina attractive for US candidates?

As time goes by and the date of the presidential election approaches, the candidates become more and more concerned about their supporters from different states. They try to visit as many states as possible to attract people from different places, so that chances of becoming a new US president can grow. Recent election polls have shown that the popularity of North Carolina rises among them and the state has become a more important place for the candidates than you can imagine. 

Why did NC become so popular? Experts often focus on well-known states New York, Texas, California, etc., but actually, there’s no use in starting a campaign in these states because surveys show that in big states voters aren’t affected by the presidential campaigns. Over the years they haven’t changed political views, which means that people who supported Trump from Texas, are still going to vote for him. But spending time and energy on states like North Carolina is worth it for the presidential candidates. For example, statistics show that whoever has won in Florida throughout the years, has become a president. The same thing can be said about North Carolina which is why both Democrats and Republicans agree that victory in this year’s election for the most part runs through North Carolina. The one that wins in NC will likely triumph on election day and become the new president of the USA.

One more thing why NC can be the most important state in this year’s presidential election is its economic growth. North Carolina has become a national leader in agriculture, manufacturing, and financial services. It’s one of the richest states of America which is why there are many financial companies in the state. Investment is setting up an office there, offering the local population some options. For this reason, financial literacy in NC is really high and quite a lot of people work from home which is why forex brokers that traders trust have bigger chances to make a profit. Also, North Carolina’s economy is now focused on industries such as banking, food processing, technology, and vehicle parts, and it rapidly expands. For example, according to USNews, the pace of job growth is so fast and unemployment rates decrease. Besides, the state is at the top of the list in the country with its fiscal stability. 

Another reason why North Carolina is an essential place for both candidates is that the state’s political allegiances often depend on who is trying to do it. From recent surveys, most of the registered voters are Democrats in NC. Also, Roy Cooper, the governor of the state, and the supreme court support Democrats. However, nobody can be certain that Biden is going to win in NC as North Carolina supported Republican Presidential Candidates for the past nine elections and the congressional and senate delegation are strong Trump supporters. This ambiguity makes both Trump and Biden worry more about the state as it’s hard to rely on recent polls and surveys of voters in North Carolina.

Elections in North Carolina

If you want to know why 2020 elections are important for North Carolina, the answer is simple – according to Reuters, NC is considered as a “swing state” by most of the political experts. It means that both Republicans and Democrats have the same chances of winning as they have pretty much similar levels of support among voters and the overall result of the elections strongly depends on the results of this kind of swing states. North Carolina has 15 electoral votes and being a swing state means that all of this electoral vote could go to either major party. As a result, we can expect lots of campaign rallies and political advertising in North Carolina, and this is why the state is more important for both Trump and Biden than anybody could anticipate. 

Other states that are considered as swing states are Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania and each of them has more electoral votes than North Carolina. However, due to unprecedented changes in demographic patterns, North Carolina will likely replace Michigan in the number of electors which makes the experts conclude that North Carolina can provide a difference between winning and losing the elections. One more reason why NC is a uniquely strategic place for the electoral candidates is that parties often choose to place conventions in the state because of the idea that holding a convention is a swing state that may lead that state to swing in their direction as a result. 

Trump’s frequent tweets about North Carolina also proves the importance of this place in the presidential election process. Trump has tweeted about NC 160 times since 2016 which is far more than his tweets about states like Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, or New Mexico. 

By this time, CBS reports that according to election polls Biden is leading Trump in North Carolina but the difference is quite small and the situation may change any time, making both parties spend more time on political advertising in NC. This is why North Carolina has become more important for the candidates than ever before.