Why Is It Necessary to Check Online Casino Reputation?


Ever heard the phrase “Your reputation precedes you”? This couldn’t be any more true of online businesses like the online casinos. For obvious reasons, online casinos, including Internet Slots, thrive on so many principles with integrity and reliability being a core part of it. For example, if an online casino promises to give new players a free £20 no deposit bonus, and it turns out no one ever got this bonus, the casino’s reputation will certainly be affected by this failure.

Irrespective of the excellence displayed during advertisements or promises by online casinos, if real people can’t vouch for the quality of their service, the business wouldn’t grow as it ought to. Here are five reasons why you must check out the reputation of an online casino before playing there. 

Your Security and Privacy 

In a world where online casinos are gaining popularity and acceptance, players need to feel safe where they play cannot be overemphasised. This issue has been on the front burner in recent times as more people are now choosing to play online rather than at land-based casinos. However, if you prefer the offline gaming, you do have to check Yokohama’s Gambling Hall in Lost Judgment and their level of security.

When new gamers want to start playing online, they are required to leave personal information with the casino – name, email, cell phone number, identity documents, etc. As simple and negligible as this may look, when such information is hijacked by mischievous third parties, there is no telling what could be done with it. Therefore, playing online casino games indirectly means that players entrust their security to the hands of the casino. There have been several issues of security breaches between online casinos and their users, arising from the use of outdated security protocols or ineffective security measures on the part of the online casinos. Hence the need for gamers to do a background check on the casinos they want to play in, vis-a-vis their reputation in securing users’ data. Here are a few things that gamers should check out to know if a casino is secured enough for them to play: 

  • The Casino’s web address: One of the ways to spot a rogue online casino from afar is the website address. A legit and secured website is by standard indicated by a ‘lock’ sign before the web address. Also, the web directory would begin with ‘HTTPS://’. Note the ‘s’ after the ‘p’. If it’s not present, the website isn’t secured and may have been cloned. 
  • Licenses: Online casinos don’t operate independently. They are licensed and regulated by governing bodies that are internationally recognised. Also, online casinos have jurisdictions within which their service and operations are allowed. To know whether an online casino is secured, look out for information on who licensed their operation. The recognised bodies that do so are eCOGRA, MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), Curacao Gambling commission board, Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man. These names are usually displayed on the homepage of the casino’s website.
  • Availability of encryption technology: This technology enables online casinos to secure communications and financial transactions that are brokered on its platform. The most common ones are SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). Online casinos that have this security protocol would have it displayed. It’s always referred to as an SSL certificate. 

To Maximise Your Playing Time and Money Spent 

While perfection is not the case here, an online casino should have a reputation of trust; the same as Google has with its top free seo tools. There is no point in dealing with an online casino that doesn’t payout winnings, doesn’t have multiple payment channels or doesn’t have a variety of content that can excite gamers and make them want to play. For the sake of your time and money, ensure to research an online casino before signing up. 

To Avoid Falling into the Hands of Rogue Casinos 

These are inauthentic casinos that are out to defraud gamers. A rogue casino is a term used for casinos that completely lack all the indicators synonymous with a reputable casino. 

  • First of all, their website isn’t secure. 
  • Secondly, they are not licensed by any of the recognised bodies. 
  • They don’t have multiple payment channels or delay for long before paying gamers their winnings – they may even not pay as well. 
  • They make bogus claims and promises, for example, a rogue casino may promise to give new gamers an outrageous bonus on their deposit – something too good to be true. 
  • They don’t care about the age of gamers they admit to their platform. 
  • They don’t talk about the mental wellness of gamers and their need to play responsibly. 
  • They offer no customer care support.
  • They have no known physical office.

These are some of the signs of determining a rogue casino. Rogue casinos can’t offer gamers any good, instead, they are out to scam gamers and only rob them. 

Fairness of Games

This is important because all the games listed in the library of online casinos have what is called ‘house advantage’. The house advantage is a ‘sacred’ percentage that ensures that the casino always wins in a round of games. Sometimes, gamers are tempted to believe that this advantage is rigged to favour the casinos. However, if you play at a reputable casino, this wouldn’t be the case. Why? Because there are testing bodies that audit the games regularly to maintain fairness. 

For Your Peace of Mind 

As much as you play for fun, your mental health and wellness are important as well. There is no point in playing in a casino that is suspected of being a rogue casino or doesn’t meet all the standards of a reputable casino. If you ignore the signs, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. How to research the reputation of an online casino: 

  • Gaming community: This is a good way to know whether a casino is worth your time. Gamers in a community don’t hold back when it comes to discussing their experiences with an online casino.
  • Trusted casino review sites: This is another great way to check the reputation of an online casino. Ensure that the site is an authority, and it’s trusted by a lot of gamers. Some of these sites have what is called a ‘blacklist’. The blacklist contains casinos that have been flanked to be false or rogue. 
  • Top Software provider’s website: Software providers are partners with online casinos. They don’t deal directly with gamers, so you can trust their opinions. Typically, they list their partners on their websites, and this can not be false. So, check their website to see if they listed an online casino you are hoping to play with. 


There is no doubt that online gaming has come to stay. This industry is growing massively by the day, and offering a variety of options for gamers. Nevertheless, gamblers need to verify the reputation of any online casino before they jump on the bandwagon.