Why is digital marketing necessary to thrive?


It goes without question that digital marketing is important in this day and age. If you want to reach your customers and your target audience as a business, you need to have a strong presence online. But what exactly is digital marketing? And why do digital marketing agencies like Finsbury Media say is it such an important part of a business marketing strategy? In this post, we will go into detail and discuss some of the basics of digital marketing as well as explain why it is so important for all businesses in this digital age that we are currently living in. 

Accessibility to customers 

Digital marketing has taken accessibility to another level. Businesses need to ensure that they are accessible to their customers at all times and with digital marketing, you can meet your customers wherever they are, whenever they need you, on any device. Being accessible to your customers is all about meeting their needs more conveniently. In the past, people had to visit physical stores but now that everything is on the internet, customers can easily access businesses and interact with brands via avenues such as websites, emails, and social media to name a few. When your business is accessible, it increases customer loyalty and the overall efficiency of your business. Your business needs to reach as many people as possible, and digital marketing allows this to happen. 


Integration is an important part of any digital marketing strategy because this allows you to sync all your channels which saves you time and money. Through integration, you share information about your business and market across all channels which improves your return of investment because your brand now becomes more visible which builds the trust of consumers and makes you more reputable. This can directly boost conversions. The way you express your business needs to be unique and easy to identify across all your platforms and if you ignore this step, you lose out on potential reach. 

Increased profits 

Everyone is active online and the internet takes up a large part of the daily lives of many. Traditional marketing is limited because you are only able to reach a certain amount of people and sometimes your reach is limited to your region only. When you take your marketing to the digital sphere, you open up the possibility of reaching a limitless amount of people because the internet is an open space. You can utilize many digital platforms such as social media, websites, blogs, emails, etc and this boosts your brand awareness and reach. The direct result is more sales and which can result in more profits. Disregarding this part of your strategy is essentially forfeiting profits. 

Increased brand presence 

With digital marketing, you have the power to increase brand presence. We’ve mentioned before that the internet dominates a large part of the daily lives of many and if you develop a unique personality online, share great content, and brand your business well across all channels, you can increase your brand presence. The more brand presence you have, the more visible your business will become which makes you reputable. You will lose out on your competition if you ignore this important step. 

Competitor research 

The internet is an open space that allows you to generate competitor insight. This is an effective way to beat your competition by differentiating your brand. You can also analyze their digital marketing strategies to see what works and what doesn’t. This will help you determine what to avoid when approaching your customers and target audience. You need to establish where you are compared to your competition and strategize accordingly. Make sure that you profile your competitors by gathering vital information, in doing this you can determine the strengths and weaknesses of other businesses that have the same target market as you do. Your competitors are watching you so ensure you are watching them too for competitive advantage. 

If you have a business, you cannot ignore the digital world. Many businesses have abandoned traditional marketing and replaced it with digital marketing however, a recommended strategy is to utilize both. With digital marketing, you will reach a wider audience which boosts your brand awareness and welcomes new customers which is the ultimate goal.